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HGV Driver Training

If you have decided that a driving career is for you then your next step is to make sure you are familiar with the qualification process and get yourself enrolled on HGV/LGV Driver Training.

How do I become a HGV Driver?

To become a HGV/LGV Driver you will need to work through the following LGV driver training steps:

1. Get your car driving licence.

2. Get a medical and obtain a medical exam report (Form D4) from your Doctor.

3. Apply for a provisional lorry licence.

4. Sit your theory test.

5. Take the driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) test.

6. Take the relevant category practical test.

How long does it take to learn to drive a HGV?

The entire qualification process after you have your car driving licence will take around 6-8 weeks to complete the HGV driver training.

Can you drive straight after passing your HGV test?

Yes, you can drive straight after passing your HGV test. Your test licence will be valid for a period of time to allow you the chance to send off for your physical licence.

Can I drive a HGV on grandfather rights?

You still need to do 35 hours CPC training every 5 years to get your CPC certificate and work in a HGV position. Here you can find more information on grandfather rights.

How can I pay for HGV training?

There are a few funding options open to you as a prospective new driver so consider how you are planning to pay for your qualifications and training before selecting a training provider:

Career Development Funding

Try to source funding towards your training from the government under a Career Development Scheme. Contact National Career Service on 0800 100 900 Monday to Sunday, 8am to 10pm for more information.

Jobcentre Funding

If you’re unemployed and looking to get back into work, then the Jobcentre could help you to get your training funded through a return to work scheme. You don’t know until you ask, so your first step is to find your local Jobcentre and have a chat with one of their advisors who can let you know what schemes are available in your area.

Train now, pay later

Many driving schools such as HGV Training and Specialised HGV offer a train now pay later incentive.

Where can get LGV driver training?

There are some excellent driving schools located up and down the country so selecting a HGV training provider based on your location is a good place to begin however it is also important that you read the published reviews, take the time to go along and meet the staff and if at all possible speak with some of the students that may be there doing their training.

Training Mentor have a really useful search function on their website that will help you to find training providers near you.

Should I do any additional training?

It is often good to be over informed and so if you can do some additional training to help boost your CV and your overall knowledge it will go a long way, especially in such a competitive industry like this.

Additional courses you could take to boost your knowledge include:

  • Health and Safety.
  • Manual Handling.
  • HIAB Training.
  • ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) driver certificate.
  • Advanced/Defensive Driver Training.

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