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Improving Productivity

Many organisations aspire to be more productive yet the process of achieving this often proves complex and difficult.

Improving productivity can be particularly challenging when managing temporary workforces, a core component of service resilience and flexibility in the pandemic and beyond, yet without careful management, can have a negative impact on productivity and business growth long term.

These resources explore the link between staff happiness and productivity with tangible advice on how to empower, engage and motivate your entire workforce and harness the power of happiness.


How to say thank you at Christmas to temporary staff

As the Christmas season approaches, many companies struggle with how to show their appreciation for their temporary staff. Unlike permanent employees, who may receive bonuses or other perks, temporary staff often feel overlooked during this time of year. It can be difficult to find the right way to say thank you to temporary staff at Christmas, but it's important to remember that they are an integral part of your team and deserve recognition for their hard work and contributions.

Twelve tips for how team leaders can impact staff happiness

Evidence shows that there is a direct link between staff who are happy and increased productivity and that one of the biggest impacts on staff happiness is being managed by a supportive team leader or line manager.

Creating a productive work culture

Company culture consists of shared attitudes, beliefs, and values. The way you treat your customers and employees reflects the type of candidates you attract. To be successful, your management team need to empower your employees by embodying your core values.