Dave has been a customer service advisor for Lloyds Banking Group since April 2018 and has been taken on permanently. 

Why did you want to go for a job in a call centre?

To be honest I was a bit lost after studying chemical engineering at uni, I worked in a few bars and places like that, but I wanted something that I could really enjoy and be good at. 

What does a normal day look like?

We start off with a morning meeting and then move onto working on set cases. In my role I am not on the phone all of the time, I am analysing new businesses and working through their applications.

 How did you find the application process? 

I found it smooth and easy to navigate. They did need to be thorough but providing you are organised and get the information together clearly then it is not too bad. I think maybe it depends on your personal situation and how much back ground needs to be done. 

What is the best part about working in a call centre?

In my job it is the first hand customer service, working with new businesses, people are generally excited. I also really like the colleague interaction, it is a really collaborative environment and I work with genuinely happy people all of the time. 

What is the worst part about working in a call centre?

I have not experienced any downside myself, but I think that if you are not the kind of person who will push themselves to progress then it could feel quite repetitive being in one place all of the time, but the job really is what you make it. 

What surprised you most when you started working there?

I was surprised that it was not as pressurised as I expected it to be, it is genuinely customer focused, a call takes as long as it takes to get the best result for the customer. You are given really achievable goals that are really tailored to you. 

What is your team like to work with?

The team is really good, they were very welcoming. I was really lucky with who my manager is, they are all about making the greater group better, sharing knowledge and working together to make it a great place to work.

What skills do you think you have gained?

I feel I am a lot more open and personable then I was, with a background in chemical engineering I never needed to focus on my communications skills.

Is there room for career progression or self development?

I got off to a bit of a bumpy start but with the help of my manager and the range of support that was available through training it soon turned around. There is so much scope for improving yourself that I know I will just keep getting better and better. 

What is the best call you remember taking?

I remember helping this one guy who needed to deposit a 45k payment or he was going to lose a contract. I was really happy to know that I had taken what started as a frustrating experience for him and turned it into a positive experience just by taking ownership of the situation and doing whatever I could to help. 

What is the worst call you have taken?

I have not had a bad call to be honest they are not frequent in my department, I know that there are people who can fly of the handle but just by making sure you are paying attention to your tone of voice and remaining professional you can always bring a call around.

What would you tell someone who was thinking about applying for a job like yours?

It is a really good experience and is certainly a learning curve. It is a great opportunity to step into a customer focused environment and there is so much opportunity for career progression. People really are there to help you do well.

Would you recommend your job to a friend? 

Yes, a friend recommended it to me, so I would definitely recommend it on to someone else.