Capita was founded in 1984 by just two people and quickly became a company with 33 employees in 1987.


Now over 30 years on, there are over 70,000 employees across the entire organisation. The main business centres are in England, Scotland and Ireland, delivering the full life cycle of services from front end customer management to back office administration support.


Capita employees are selected not only for their skills, attributes and experience but also for their values and behaviours that align with the company core values.


Open – They are honest, transparent and respectful

  • They listen before they talk.
  • They welcome people’s differences and encourage diverse input.
  • They share information, but they also know when something needs to be confidential.
  • They don’t stay silent when They have something to say.
  • They thank others for their contribution.

Ingenious – They think about what’s possible

  • They seek opportunities to learn and to teach.

  • They challenge themselves and each other, to find new ideas.

  • They create solutions that other people haven’t thought of yet.

  • They learn from their mistakes.

  • They strive to keep improving.

Collaborative – They achieve more when they work together

  • They ask for and offer support when needed.
  • They solve problems by working together.
  • They give and receive useful feedback.
  • They agree on who’s doing what.
  • They trust others to do their jobs well.

Effective – They care about doing the best job they can

  • They deliver reliably using their tried and tested processes and following their code of conduct.
  • They identify how the work they do leads to better long-term outcomes.
  • They design their solutions with people in mind.
  • They communicate clearly and frequently to set and manage expectations.
  • They see things through, taking responsibility from start to finish.

These values define who Capita are and how they, as an organisation, as individuals and as a team go about their daily work, with a strong belief that truly living the values is essential to ensuring that there is an open, collaborative and inclusive culture at Capita.


Capita maintain that it is through this continued open dialogue and the skills, knowledge, attitude and creativity of their people that they continue to deliver great service and positive outcomes for their clients.