Blackburn Road
EH48 2EY

Orientation: Two miles from the retail park at Whitburn Road. View this location on Google Maps.

Travel Options

Car: On-site car parking is available.

Bus: Travelling via bus is easy with numbers287, 21 or X27 all servicing this location.

Train: Alighting and departing at Bathgate station.

Cycle: An on-site cycle shed is available.

Caffeine Hit

For the essential coffee on your route to work there is a Costa Coffee not too far way at just atwo minute drive or an eight minute walk.

Anyone Hungry?

Food is just around the corner at Lucky Lucy’s burger van, or you can grab yourself an all-day breakfast at Connells. Both options are just afour minutewalk away.

Live Saver Solutions

This is a great location for last minute shopping convenience with Tesco Superstore a three minute drive or 17 minute walk away, or for some serious shopping the retail park at Whitburn Road is a five minute drive away.