Working with NHS Test and Trace in warehouse work and laboratory jobs

Working with NHS Test and Trace in warehouse work and laboratory jobs

Are you looking for an exciting new job role? Would you like to do something proactive and relevant to the challenges the country has faced in light of the COVID-19 pandemic? We have an opportunity for you to become part of the NHS Test and Trace team, with a variety of openings in laboratory jobs and warehouse work at their facility in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

Working with NHS Test and Trace

NHS Test and Trace is an important part of moving forward to reopen society and the UK economy. Consequently, they are expanding their network of COVID-19 diagnostic laboratories. They have brought together professionals from academic institutions, as well as the public and private life sciences sector to focus on the challenge. By incorporating revolutionary automated science with state-of-the-art technology, they have created bespoke testing procedures.

Working with NHS Test and Trace is a rare opportunity to be a part of history. By working in the laboratories in a warehouse or Laboratory Support Technician role, you can help make a difference by supporting public health and the return of society to a more normal way of life, as the transmission of COVID-19 is reduced.

In order for these facilities to operate successfully, NHS Test and Trace are seeking people to fill a broad range of roles, from entry level to more specialised positions. 

This is a chance to upskill or move into a new industry, working alongside talented, skilled scientists, learning from a passionate, motivated group of people as part of the UK’s COVID-19 testing operation.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to work in public health, you can gain vital skills that will set you up for future success in the scientific field, or a unique warehouse work experience that will improve your CV.

The opportunity

NHS Test and Trace have a range of job opportunities, including laboratory work, warehouse work and support work. They are looking for candidates who are willing and able to learn new skills, can follow health and safety standards, give attention to detail and work well as part of a dynamic team. 

If you are interested in pursuing a scientific career, then you might want to consider a position as a:

  • Laboratory Support Technician
  • Junior Laboratory Assistant 
  • General Operative

In these roles you will learn the necessary procedures, safety protocols and quality management systems to process test samples from start to finish. This work provides valuable support to Senior Laboratory Technicians and Biomedical Scientists. Learn more here.

There are also job opportunities for some unique warehouse work. As a Senior Warehouse Operative, you will work in conjunction with the laboratory team, ensuring that test samples are safely received, checked, tracked and delivered to the laboratory team for processing. Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) must be followed, and all health and safety (H&S) requirements met throughout the day-to-day tasks. Positions are also available for Warehouse Supervisors, responsible for managing the warehouse team and overseeing the organisation of the workflow of the test samples. For more detail on the positions currently available, click here.

No matter your background, whether your experience is in office jobs, kitchen porter jobs or retail jobs, if you live in commuting distance, there are many great reasons to apply for a job with NHS Test and Trace:

  • Training – previous experience is always desirable, but not necessary, for some of these roles. Comprehensive training is provided to learn necessary new skills as well as accreditation for specific processes. A great opportunity to upskill and add to your CV.
  • Technology - you will learn to work with state-of-the-art technology, invaluable for future job roles in the sector.
  • Shifts - various shifts are available including days, nights and weekends, making it flexible to fit around your home life and family commitments, or education.
  • Pay - very competitive pay rates.
  • Teamwork - you will be part of a diverse team, providing a friendly, welcoming work environment.

The work environment

The laboratories used by NHS Test and Trace are state of the art, high output environments. The facility in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, is one of the largest diagnostic laboratories in the country, with some of the best scientists and professionals in the field. Central to England, it is a good location to live and work, with easy access to local green spaces and beyond.

The use of automated scientific technology in the UK-wide laboratories means they have the capability to dramatically increase the capacity for testing. At full volume, each laboratory will be able to process up to 300,000 tests per day. This would place the UK at the forefront of mass population testing. Work in the laboratories could also help in preparing for virus outbreaks in the future.

Working in a laboratory will require you to follow Standard Operational Procedures and adhere to Health & Safety standards. This will be familiar for anyone who has previously worked in warehousing, catering, office or retail environments, where you will have followed certain workplace procedures such as good hygiene practices, organisational protocols and health and safety requirements.

Are you a good fit for NHS Test and Trace Laboratory jobs? 

These jobs are suitable for individuals within the local area who come from a variety of backgrounds such as warehouse work, catering, office jobs or retail. You will be required to have GCSE qualifications in Maths and English at grade C (4-5) or above and, as part of the recruitment process, candidates are required to complete online tests via desktop (not on a mobile device). No specialist knowledge or experience is required for this.

To succeed in any of these job roles, you will be expected to:

  •  Be numerate, literate and able to follow Standard Operational Procedures
  • Learn to work with laboratory equipment
  • Learn different processes to support several laboratory tasks
  • Follow instructions
  • Remain attentive whilst undertaking tasks 
  • Have high attention to detail 
  • Be able to identify and escalate risks and issues 
  • Work well under pressure 
  • Meet deadlines 
  • Understand relevant H&S policies and procedures 
  • Have confidence in articulating processes and/or safety breaches

The following skills and experience are also desirable for some positions:

  • Prior experience of sample handling
  • Previous laboratory experience
  • Previous warehouse work experience in a fast-moving facility, or in similar physically demanding roles, such as manufacturing or construction
  • Ability to operate technology used in a similar role. E.g., scanners, printers, box cutters, lift trucks (licensed operators preferred)

Where next?

The experience gained working for NHS Test and Trace will be invaluable for your future career. This is not only a job opportunity, but a means to receive specialist training in the scientific field, providing you with key technical skills. Working alongside experienced specialists will also enable you to further improve your knowledge of the sector, learning from the experts around you. This experience could see you moving into more senior supervisory roles in either the scientific sector or warehouse work.