Working as an Administrator

Working as an Administrator

Do you think you have what it takes to be an Administrator? Administrator jobs and admin careers are always sought after amongst employers. Admin work prospects are good and the skills you learn in the role are transferrable to many other industries.

Before you decide on an admin career, or any career for that matter, it is always a good idea to hear from the people already in the role and get a behind the scenes perspective. With this in mind we interviewed Administrator Hayley.

When did you start working as an Administrator?

I started where I am now in May 2018. Previously I was a temp worker for Blue Arrow working various mixed reception and customer service jobs.

What does your typical day as an Administrator involve?

My day starts with typical admin work, working through emails followed by checking the scheduler. This is where we can see if there have been any queries or updates. Throughout the day I help the customers who are walking into the office and I process relevant key information. Some of my tasks include monitoring new registrations and chasing for any outstanding information so I can update the database.

How did you get this job?

I temped on and off with Blue Arrow for around 20 years, mostly on the catering side of the business. I took on a full-time position in Telesales and then I went to work for the Council but continued to temp with Blue Arrow on the side, sometimes in admin jobs.

Where do you see your career going?

I like being the glue of the team and with administrator jobs, that is exactly what you are. I won an Administrator of The Year award very recently and it was so good to have my hard work and dedication recognised. I have a real passion for my job and I am looking forward to seeing how far we can go here, and I really want to stay as an Administrator. If you really want to push your admin career and move up in admin work, then you definitely can.

What experience did you have when you first started as an Administrator?

The customer service skills I had gained both while temping and in various previous roles were really important to bring to this role. Even for admin work you need to be able to connect with people. The people I speak with every day could potentially feel a little lost if they are not working so it is important to connect, reassure and help people to make sure everything is in place to enable us to help them.

What are the biggest challenges in your job?

For me it is getting people to embrace the technology that is there to make things easier. For example, encouraging customers to use new software is challenging. Modern technology is great but not everyone finds it easy to use an app or a website to do something they have always spoken to a person about before. From a Company perspective software is the future, it is faster and easier to automate our systems with it but there is a balance between what the company needs and what the customer wants or needs, it is part of my job to be a good middle ground between the two and ensure everything is done.

What is the best thing about being an Administrator?

The team I work within and the customers I help are by far the best bit of the job. The people really do make the role. The support I receive is excellent, we are all one big family and we all pull together to make our office the best it can be.

As an Administrator I am challenged to do the very best I can, I'm encouraged and every day I am guided and inspired to do well.

What is the not so best thing about your job?

You need to be very focused for admin work and it is important that you are able to pick up tasks and drop them to help someone when needed. Good time management is key to the role, but you have to accept that you may not get it all done, you just have to work through things one step at a time and be as reactive and flexible as needed.

How can you make the most of your position as an Administrator?

If you put the effort in, you can make it a really enjoyable job. You will need people skills and a good eye for detail. You need to be able to anticipate everyone’s needs because you work between the customers and the staff and it is your job to ensure each side is balanced and getting what they need.

Don’t be afraid to speak up if you spot something that is wrong or that you don’t understand, it is only by questioning that we can develop and fix problems.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the role?

Make sure you know the nature of the business you are in, do your research and enjoy or at least have an interest in your industry. You need to enjoy your position and have a real interest in it to get the most out of an admin career.

If you are interested in trying your hand at admin work, why not try a temporary administrator job or get started on building a long term admin career.