This One Time at Band Camp

This One Time at Band Camp

I really want to share some of our readers' work-life stories with you so you can see that no matter what your job is, some days everything seems to fall into place and others, well others don't.

This series is called This one time, at band camp and I will be bringing you selected readers' stories just like this one from Steve Hope who spent time early on in his working life as a Sous Chef. 

Frying Pan Frenzy

So there was this one time, I was working as a sous chef in Northern Ireland in a general run of the mill carvery. Most sittings we would cook maybe 50 or so covers plus the made-to-order meals from the menu. 

There was this guy, the head chef. He was a young guy who had learned the ropes and risen up the ranks pretty quickly but along the way despite the cooking knowledge he had gained he had not quite learnt how to be around other humans. He seemed to take pleasure in reminding me that where he may have lacked superiority in age, he more than made up for it with rank, he was Head Chef and I, well I wasn't.

I like to think I did a pretty good job of keeping my head down and getting the job done. Minding my business and refusing to rise to his obvious superiority complex until this one day when I just lost it. I don't know where it came from, I don't even remember what he said but wow did it trigger me, I just saw red.

Before I knew it I had grabbed two frying pans, let out a blood curdling war cry and launched myself at him. With a look of pure panic in his eyes he took to his heels, turned and ran. 

I gave chase around the central island waving the pans with all my might. The chase ensued, around and around the island, him checking over his shoulder to gauge my distance, me growling and cursing at his back. 

Seeing a pattern in the cat and mouse routine I turned and ran the other way hoping to catch him face-to-face. But he predicted my turn, seized his opportunity and fled towards the door. I just had time to hurl the pans at his retreating back as he disappeared out of the kitchen. 

I have never been a violent person, and to this day I can't believe that this was even me but a small devilish part of me wishes I had caught him, perhaps if I had he would have been nicer to the next poor unsuspecting Sous Chef that took my place.

A huge thank you goes out to Steve for sending in his story and allowing me to share it with you. Steve is now no longer in the food industry, not because of this I might add! He found his hidden talent and within it his true calling as a carpenter. 

Do you have a story to share? If so, I would love to hear it and maybe even feature it right here on This one time at band camp.