Quiz What kind of candidate are you really

Quiz What kind of candidate are you really

Hands up if you remember doing the quiz in the magazines when you were a teenager? Come on admit it, whether it was Shout magazine or Nuts we all know no one could resist the quiz. They were a bit of light-hearted fun that always seemed to give the advice you didn't even know you were looking for.

I had so much fun writing the quiz below it was like being Editor & Chief of my very own glossy mag…ok perhaps that's a bit extra but still, a girl can dream right?

Anyway, on to the quiz - what kind of candidate are you really?

1. You need a job and you just found a ton of positions on the Blue Arrow website, do you:

A) Make a list of all the jobs and create pros and cons for each on a sheet of cherry-scented paper using your very best pen so you can thoroughly investigate the  opportunities.

B) Narrow down the search criteria to jobs you have done before, after all its best to stick to what you know.

C) Apply to every job maximising the possibility of landing an interview. When in doubt, reach out… right?

2. A job post requests that you submit a CV and any other supporting information.

A) No problem, I will prioritise some time to amend my CV so it is specific to the job, and write the best cover letter they have ever seen.

B) I think I have the one I made for my last application I will dig that out, if not I will find the one I made at school.

C) I don't have a CV but I do have an awesome Instagram profile, that tells them everything they need to know about me.

3. Great news you have secured an interview, what are you going to wear?

A) This calls for an all new look, I am going shopping for the perfect “Hire Me” outfit.

B) I am pretty sure I have a suit in my wardrobe I will get that dry cleaned.

C) I have the perfect t-shirt, it is hilarious, and it shows off my personality.

4. The day of the interview is here, are you

A) 2 hours early so you can get a good parking space and pre-scout the location, I never just rely on Google Maps.

B) Checking out the bus timetable to see which one gets you there on time

C) Texting all your friends to see if one can give you a lift so you don't have to leave too early.

5. You are waiting to be called in to the interview room, do you

A) Remain standing and adopt a power pose showing you are confident and self-assured that this job is yours.

B) Obsess over how sweaty your hands are and pray that they don't want to shake your hand, #palmsweat #awks

C) Relax, take a seat and post a pre-interview selfie to Facebook.

6. You have been asked why you are a good fit for the job, what do you say?

A) I am perfect for this job, I fit all of the key criteria you are looking for, in fact you would be lucky to have me.

B) I have some experience, so I think I can do this job pretty well.

C) I need a job, you need staff - perfectamundo

7. The interview is drawing to a close, the final step is to ask any questions you have. What do you ask?

A) What are the opportunities for growth, can I progress up the ladder quickly?

B) Is there an opportunity for overtime?

C) How long do we get for lunch?

That's it everybody, pens down papers closed. Take a look below to see what kind of candidate you are.

Mostly A’s - The overachiever

You are organised and diligent, a formidable force once you have set your sights on something. Be careful that you don’t focus so much on perfection that you miss a good opportunity.

Have you thought about a job as a Personal Assistant, Head Chef, Chef de Partie, Commis Chef or Sous Chef? With your attention to detail and organisation you would be great at any of these.

Mostly B’s - Steady as they go

You are reliable and no doubt a great team player but don't sell yourself short. It's ok to step a little bit outside of your comfort zone and set yourself a challenge, you may just surprise yourself.

A job in Customer Service would be a great option for you that would really play to your strengths.

Mostly C’s - The freedom fighter

Working to live that's you, you are a bubble of personality and a fly by the seat of your pants kind of person who would thrive in a young, vibrant working environment. Be sure to let people see all sides of you though, even the more serious parts so your potential for opportunities and growth shine through.

A sales assistant role would be a perfect fit for you, you have the personality and charisma to really make a connection.