New UK jobs near me

New UK jobs near me

If you were told there was an opportunity for new UK jobs which involved getting retrained and learning new skills in a sector that would ensure a new future of work for you, would you want to know more? If so, then read on…

The last few months have been full of uncertainty for everyone in many ways and the outlook in employment news has been somewhat bleak in many sectors. With lockdown easing we are seeing businesses reopening, but at the same time many will never open up again. This brings a whole new concern when it comes to the future of work for a large proportion of our population from all kinds of skills backgrounds. So whether you have previously been in Warehouse Operative jobs, catering jobs or driving jobs, this new career opportunity is one to get excited about. 

The new future of work

It is fair to say that throughout lockdown every individual, every business, every organisation has relied on one thing to stay connected – the internet. Imagine what the weeks of lockdown would have been like without video calls to friends and family, music from Alexa, online games, lessons for the kids; and how would we manage without Netflix?

Now, think about the number of devices you have in your house; multiply this by the number of houses in your road, your town. Add in all the businesses, schools and healthcare facilities and we start to see exactly how the internet is a central part of everyone’s lives. Smart technology needs better networks and to keep up with the myriad of ways in which the internet is used, for it to be fast, reliable and consistent, a new infrastructure is needed. Enter CityFibre.

CityFibre has a goal to bring full fibre internet to 8 million premises in over 60 cities across the UK. Currently, for most of us, our internet comes into our home on part fibre cabling – meaning fibre cables to the local cabinet, then copper cables to our homes and businesses. Full fibre means fibre cables direct from the exchange to the property – the result? Super-fast gigabit speed internet – that’s over 1,000 Mbps compared to the average 36 Mbps many of us might get currently. In this digital age, imagine the difference this will make to all kinds of sectors.

This digital revolution of full fibre is future proofing the UK, preparing for the ever-increasing use of the internet. The result will be that every home, business, school, hospital and public service can be connected online through a fast, reliable internet service that is always on and can be upgraded at the click of a button. 

New career opportunities

The exciting employment news that arises from this, is that the mammoth task of installing a full fibre network means creating a completely new infrastructure. This has resulted in the creation of up to 10,000 new UK jobs. If employment trends in your sector are currently uncertain following COVID-19, now might be the time to take advantage of this amazing new opportunity. 

Whatever your previous experience, these new jobs in the engineering industry are open to everyone and with projects across the UK there is likely to be an opportunity near you. CityFibre have announced a three year recruitment and training programme, through which they specifically intend to change current employment trends by attracting people in need of a chance like this – those out of work due to COVID-19 or those looking to gain new skills through a new opportunity to change careers. 

The training programme will be a huge boost to the future of work for many. You will learn new skills, preparing you for a suitable role with the various construction partners that are working with CityFibre to create this new full fibre infrastructure. You could find yourself working in underground cabling, excavating, splicing, aerial installation… the range of job roles is vast which makes this such an exciting new career opportunity.

How to be a part of it

As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue to see shifts in the future of work. Employment trends will see more people changing careers so taking advantage of this new opportunity could see you at the forefront. 

Now is the time to make your move. This long-term career opportunity, at a time when new UK jobs are in short supply, is one not to miss. This is not a job that will be ‘just for now’. Working in a diverse, growing future proof sector means the future of work for you would be far more secure.

To get started, visit the CityFibre website to learn more about how you could be a part of building the future of fibre.