Diversity and inclusion every day Steve Story

Diversity and inclusion every day Steve Story

Looking for work can be a daunting prospect, and for some, the very process of finding and starting a new job can be what holds them back. Everyone has a story to tell, our backgrounds, abilities and experiences are what make each of us different. In the world of recruitment, this is something we appreciate every day, not only providing each of our candidates with suitable job opportunities, but also with the right support to set them up for success.

Steve, a Principal Managing Consultant who's been with Blue Arrow since 2004, has experienced just how important it is to form a trusting relationship with each of his candidates, to support and give them the confidence they need to succeed.

Steve’s Story

Recently Steve had a neurodivergent candidate who was particularly nervous about entering the world of work, finding new and unfamiliar situations difficult to cope with. As the candidate was uncomfortable with speaking on the phone, Steve began the process by first talking to his family and gradually gaining the trust of the candidate. Through the initial conversations he learnt that the candidate was very good at working independently on repetitive tasks in a structured environment. This helped Steve determine the type of job role that might be suitable. He found a cleaning position at a local university that Blue Arrow supports which seemed perfect, but when it came to offering it to the candidate, his anxiety again became apparent.

By this time, Steve had formed a good relationship with the candidate and was able to talk to him directly about his concerns. As a result, with the cooperation of the employer, the candidate and a supportive family member, Steve, now a familiar face, accompanied them on a tour of the workplace. During the tour the manager was able to talk through exactly what the work involved which made the candidate feel much more comfortable with the new situation and ready to start the job.

Fast forward five weeks and the candidate is very happy in his work and continuing to do well. The extra step Steve took to introduce him to the workplace and his employer was all that was needed to give him the reassurance that he could succeed. Not only is he content and doing well in his job, but the employer also gained an excellent, attentive and conscientious member of staff.

Setting all candidates up for success

A bit of extra support can make the world of difference to all jobseekers. Having previously visited Ukraine, Steve is also committed to providing support by engaging with groups of Ukrainian refugees, forming positive relationships and becoming a friendly face to assist them in their UK job search, helping them overcome perceived obstacles such as language and cultural differences.

Get in touch

If you’re a candidate looking for work, contact us to get the support you need to help find an exciting job opportunity that matches your skills and experience. Or if you see helping people find their purpose and place in the world of work as your superpower, why not join Steve and the rest of our team by browsing our internal Blue Arrow vacancies.