Considering a career in the recruitment industry?

Considering a career in the recruitment industry?

If you’re looking for a career filled with opportunities to progress, where your performance is truly valued and you’re considering the recruitment industry, Bash’s story will resonate with you and offer valuable insight into the world of recruitment with Blue Arrow.

Career journey:

Bash joined Blue Arrow as a National Account Manager in September 2017 and brought with him a wealth of knowledge and experience from 17 years spent in the recruitment industry. As a National Account Manager, Bash built and maintained positive relationships with several of our clients and in 2021, Bash was promoted to his current position as National Accounts Director.  

Bash joined Blue Arrow with recruitment experience in the Blue-Collar sector and to further enhance his development, his goal was to move into the White-Collar sector. This is where Blue Arrow were able to offer him a role overseeing the national delivery of our key banking clients. 

Blue Arrow understood Bash’s needs and career goals and have been able to support his development throughout his time as part of our #OneBlueFamily. Further opportunities to oversee delivery of a further five national clients, have given Bash the experience of supporting key business change projects and large volume recruitment campaigns. Harnessing all of Bash’s previous experience and giving him new opportunities to develop led to his current position at Blue Arrow as a National Account Director. 


Of our five ‘Enhancing Your Everyday’ pillars (Progression, Purpose, Teamwork, Reward & Performance), which can you most relate to when you think of your career at Blue Arrow, and why?

How has your performance been recognised during your time with Blue Arrow?

In the 5 years that I have been at Blue Arrow my performance and contribution has been recognised in a variety of ways including Outstanding Performance awards, Thank You awards and promotion to my current role. I can happily say that at no point has my contribution gone unnoticed. Our Senior Executive Team, at every opportunity look to highlight and acknowledge our contributions.

What is your proudest achievement during your time at Blue Arrow?

Project managing and delivering 1,750 remote workers in 15 days to support the nations fight against COVID-19. In over 21 years in recruitment this was the most complex recruitment campaign I've ever worked on. With the support from our network and National Account colleagues, the campaign was delivered at pace and on time. To be able to deliver this project is one of my proudest achievements in my career.

What do you believe sets Blue Arrow apart from other recruitment employers?

The people - we are fortunate to have great people working across the whole of Blue Arrow and from this comes a welcoming and collaborative culture.

What are your top three tips for anyone starting a career in the recruitment industry?

  1. Be patient, success doesn’t come overnight. Work for a company like Blue Arrow that values you and recognises your contributions. Over time this will lead to you achieving your personal aspirations.
  2. Have a virtuoso mindset. Be bold by challenging the norm. Having this mind set will support you with always thinking about what’s next, help you lead change and add value, all of which will support your learning and personal growth.
  3. Don’t be afraid to take on more work or projects. The more you’re involved with, the more you will learn and grow. Always ask your manager what more you can be doing/learning. You need to shape your career and the above will support this.

Describe Blue Arrow as an employer in three words:

  1. Inclusive
  2. Collaborative
  3. Innovative

You’ve heard it from Bash – are you looking for an opportunity to develop your career and #EnhanceYourEveryDay?

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