As if by magic – Free CPC training days are here.

As if by magic – Free CPC training days are here.

Regular readers of my blog will remember, two weeks ago I posted ‘Driving Miss Caree’ where I wrote about how to become an HGV driver and gave some of my top driver tips. You can pop over to read it if you missed it by clicking the link but before you go, stick around for a moment because in a serendipitous aligning of the stars I have some really exciting news for Blue Arrow drivers!

Drum roll please…. Blue Arrow are now providing free CPC training courses until 31st December 2019

All drivers will know, a CPC is a requirement for drivers of large goods vehicles and consists of a 35-hour training session. It can be a frustrating reality of holding a professional driving qualification. It is yet another thing that you need to have, to enable you to make a living – as if being a driver is not hard enough already, and worse, has to be renewed every 5 years at a cost of up to £275 each time.

The thing is, despite the general feeling towards the CPC requirement, it is not going anywhere. If you want to continue working as a driver you have no choice but to climb aboard, get in gear and do the training, it is a means to an end, right.

For us, rules are rules, we have to follow them but what we value the most is you, our Blue Arrow drivers. You are important to us, we want nothing more than to see you succeed in your role and we want to help make this happen. The last thing we want is to see the CPC become a barrier to success, especially when we can help carry the load.

We want to lift the financial burden of the CPC training course for as many of our drivers as possible, so we’re driving the campaign right through to December 2019 catching all of those mid-year and Autumn renewals along the way.

Here is how you qualify for one free CPC training time:

  • You must hold a valid C1, or C+E category course:

  • You must have worked for Blue Arrow in a driving capacity for 3 months, averaging 32 hours per week (350 hours per rolling week period) post 1st October 2018. If you are unsure of your working hours fit these criteria just contact your local branch, they will help you.
  • You need to pay for the £8.50 upload fee on the date of the CPC training, directly to the DVLA database, we’re sorry but we’re not allowed to do this bit for.

Under the above criteria it is possible for you to receive the full 35 hours’ training free, gaining access to one day of free training for every 3 months of service with Blue Arrow.

If you fit this criteria, dig-out your card and check the renewal date. To get more info. you can email our dedicated CPC team by clicking here, just make sure you include your full name and contact details so someone can get back to you.

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