7 Lessons from a Warehouse Worker

7 Lessons from a Warehouse Worker

Getting some insight from a different perspective, from someone else who does the same job as you can be invaluable.

It is not often that we get to see our role through someone else’s eyes, but through real life accounts we can find out how they make the most of every day and pick up some helpful tips and advice.

We had the opportunity to interview long standing temporary worker Edward Idahor who has been working in a large distribution centre in Thurrock for over 3 years.

What we love about Edward is his overall approach to life and work, he has such a positive outlook it is impossible not to be inspired by him. It is easy to see why he was also given the role of Lead Associate, helping new starters and reintegrating those who have been away from work for a while.

Edward clearly takes pride in his work and his ability to provide for his family, not only financially but also through his choice of shift he can ensure they also benefit from his time.

You can read the full interview with Edward here and really take advantage of his insights and advice, but if you are busy running here and there, making every moment count don’t worry here are some of the highlights.

7 Top tips for getting the most out of your temporary warehouse job

  1. If you work hard and make yourself very useful you get a good reputation and you are more likely to be kept on longer than someone who is not hitting their targets and takes a lot of time off.
  2. Doing the same thing can get boring no matter where you work but you have to remember what your motivation is. Money is the biggest motivation for anyone but so is pride in your work.
  3. It can be tiring at times, but I have learned that you have to just get on with it, you have to put in your best effort no matter what. I would much rather be tired than unemployed. 
  4. Boots! A lot of safety boots are too heavy and will just make you more tired. Sometimes if you stand still a lot for work then it is not so bad but if you are walking a lot then find yourself some light weight safety boots, there are lots of different ones at all different price ranges so do shop around.
  5. Wear thick clothing and make sure you wear layers. Dress warmly, you may be in some areas that are colder than others. Don’t try to brave it.
  6. You have to show them what you are made of and that you are a good member of staff then you will get noticed and have more opportunities.
  7.  Keep your head down and enjoy doing your job. Remember, this is not a social gathering, you are here for a reason. You are on the clock never forget that.