5 Minutes with Catherine Ward

5 Minutes with Catherine Ward

Career Journey:

I joined Blue Arrow in 2004 as a Catering Consultant completely new to the world of recruitment. Having been made redundant as an estate agent I quickly recognised the similarities between matching people to houses and matching people to jobs! I quickly realised that this was the ideal job for me, I love meeting people and the world of recruitment is all about people, whether candidates or clients or colleagues. Over the course of my career, I have moved between the Industrial Desk and Catering Desk. The career path is great and comprehensive. There is a clear path to follow in line with your own aspirations. From Recruitment Consultant I became a Senior Consultant in line with my financial performance and am now an Executive Consultant. There is plenty of opportunity for me to further progress if I want but I am currently very happy with where I am at.

Of our five ‘Enhancing Your Everyday’ pillars (Progression, Purpose, Teamwork, Reward & Performance), which can you most relate to when you think of your career at Blue Arrow, and why?

Reward - the thing that I love about Blue Arrow is that no matter how big or small your achievement you will get recognised and thanked. The bonus structure is excellent with opportunity to earn decent monthly, quarterly and annual bonus (my monthly bonus usually ends in 3 zeros!). Aside from monetary bonus we also get team lunches, vouchers from time to time, plus numerous other thank you’s throughout the year. Our birthdays are recognised with an extra day’s annual leave and this year we were given 2 extra days holiday just for working hard and giving up a Saturday to attend the conference (which was no hardship, it was great!). Everything we do at Blue Arrow is recognised.

How has your performance been recognised during your time with Blue Arrow?

I have been with Blue Arrow for 18 years so we could be here all day! Blue Arrow is brilliant at recognising achievements in more ways than just financially. I have won trips, wonderful lunch experiences and have a shelf full of awards. What I love about Blue Arrow is that achievements however big or small are recognised and appreciated. Our all expenses paid annual conference is testament to how much Blue Arrow values its employees.

What is your proudest achievement during your time at Blue Arrow?

My proudest moment was probably finding a candidate permanent employment. When they first registered, they were homeless and living out of their car, no one would give them a chance, but I was able to. They proved to be the most reliable and wonderful candidate. I was delighted when they eventually got offered a permanent contract from one of our clients. They have now bought their first flat and came into our branch to say thank you in person. This is what I love about recruitment, we genuinely enhance people’s lives.

What do you believe sets Blue Arrow apart from other recruitment employers?

There is a real sense of family within Blue Arrow. No matter who you talk to within the business everyone is friendly, courteous, and helpful. We all work towards the same goal and everyone, no matter how senior or important, is approachable. I also love the transparency which Blue Arrow demonstrate and their desire to make decisions based on what their staff think and feel.

What are your top three tips for anyone starting a career in the recruitment industry?

  1. Be honest – no matter who you are talking to whether it’s a client, candidate or colleague, always set realistic expectations and don’t over promise
  2. Look after your candidates, make them feel valued. Always remember to say thank you for the great job they do. Without them we wouldn’t have a job! Get to know them too, they may have skills that you are unaware of that enable you to find them an even better opportunity
  3. Never give up and stay cheerful! Like any job, some days can be more challenging than others but everyday is a new day and a smile and a positive attitude at the start of everyday works wonders!

 Describe Blue Arrow as an employer in three words:

  1. Trustworthy
  2. Successful
  3. Exciting

You’ve heard it from Catherine – are you looking for an opportunity to develop your career and #EnhanceYourEveryDay? 

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