3 ways to upskill and boost your career and pay packet

3 ways to upskill and boost your career and pay packet

The workers who have many months and year’s experience along with a solid all round knowledge of the industry and environment are the ones who are promoted, and the workers who have useful skills, especially licenses are the ones who are paid the higher hourly rates from the outset. 

By taking the initiative and investing in your skills you place yourself into this elite group of individuals who are enjoying a higher pay rate and who are destined for promotion, so give yourself an edge over other workers and applicants and providing yourself with the very best opportunity to progress in your career with these 3 ways to upskill in your warehouse role.

Give Yourself a Lift

As a warehouse operative one of the most useful and highly prized skills you can have is the ability to drive a counterbalance or reach forklift. 

Being able to legally manoeuvre a forklift around a warehouse environment, moving stock in large batches between units and racking systems brings a pay bracket of between £8.23ph to £11.20ph (£16,642 - £25,204 per year) which is higher than the pay bracket for a standard warehouse operative role. It also increases your overtime opportunities as well as your chances of landing a sought-after positions with a new employer if you choose to move onto other opportunities.

A forklift course can cost from around £300 and up to around £800 depending on where you do your training and if you choose to do a reach or counterbalance license. Some training providers offer financial assistance and payment schemes so do shop around before selecting where to do your course. Also check with your employers first, they may have an internal scheme in place where you can qualify for free. 

You should allow for approximately 5 days to complete the course, it may be wise to book annual leave for the duration of the course.

Computer Skills

If you are looking to progress in your warehouse career as a team leader, supervisor, stock controller or in a managerial position you will be required to use computer programs to complete your day to day tasks. Being able to use programs such as Microsoft Excel for spreadsheets, Word for documents and Powerpoint for presentations will be essential so get ahead of the game and enrol on an IT skills course to ensure you have what it takes when the opportunity arises. 

Vision2learn provides a range of fully funded, nationally accredited e-learning courses including a Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills so you can improve your own skills at your own pace, studying either at home or if you don’t have access to a computer you can make the most of the computer facilities available at your local library.

The Full Package

Immersing yourself in the warehousing industry shows your commitment to building a long and rewarding career for yourself. 

Studying a full NVQ Qualification in Warehouse and Storage will give you a broad understanding of the skills and knowledge needed to work and succeed in warehousing including operating equipment and safety at work, processing orders, team leadership and managing the receipt and dispatch of goods. 

A qualification like this can lead to a variety of roles including supervisory positions, stock control, and management roles. There are three levels to the NVQ, you would enter at the level that best suits your current position.

  • Level 1 is ideal if you are relatively new to your role in a warehouse and would like to secure some basic knowledge as well as a recognised qualification.
  • Level 2 is perfect for you if you have settled into your role and are looking to add some new skills, at this level you will be adding some machinery handling to your skillset and a recognised qualification.
  • Level 3 is for you if you are working as a team leader as this is where you build some skills in the areas of staff and systems management and optimisation. This, like the previous levels is a nationally recognised qualification.