Women in warehouse work

Women in warehouse work

As a female worker and considering a job in a warehouse you would be forgiven for thinking that you will be one lone woman in a workforce dominated by men but the truth is, with female empowerment and gender equality in the workplace being a hot topic in recent years, many former male oriented industries are seeing a steady rise in female applicants and successful placements.

Attracting female workers into a role known for its male oriented workforce is no easy task but many warehouse employers have taken on the challenge and are making great strides to encourage a diverse range of applicants to consider a career in an exciting, fast paced, challenging working environment that thrives on the various skills, personalities and operational approaches of its workforce.

This is all very encouraging, especially for women but it is important that all of you, newly inspired applicants, have just as much confidence in your own abilities as your employers have in you.

You do not have to behave like a man in order to work alongside some and you certainly don’t have to strip away everything that makes you who you are in order to succeed, instead, try out our top 4 tips for succeeding in a male oriented industry, we are confident that you will find them much more effective.

1. Be authentic

There is nothing that damages the perception of women working in a male industry more than women who feed the misguided perceptions. Sure, some guys may be physically stronger but that doesn’t mean you are not strong, you know your limits so work to them not below them, push your own boundaries. How can we expect others to believe in us if we don’t believe in ourselves?

2. Have courage

Women tend to be a little more risk adverse than men; it must be some sort of genetic throwback from way back designed to keep us safe. In some situation’s this is a real help but, in the workplace, fortune favours the brave. You have to be courageous enough to raise your hand and put yourself forward, speak up when an opinion is needed and stand your ground when you are challenged. At work you have the freedom to explore and find out what you are really capable of so roll up your sleeves, tie your hair back in a ponytail and get stuck in.

3. Communicate

If there is one thing women are truly great at, it is communication and at work communication is everyone’s golden ticket to success. Cohesive team work, conflict resolution, problem solving, brainstorming and even career progression all rely on your ability to clearly express yourself while understanding, listening to and inspiring others. So, don’t shy away from your natural ability to get an important message across to those who need to hear it.

4. Be underestimated

This one may sound a little strange but hear us out. If you feel like everyone is waiting for you to fail or that they are doubting your abilities, let them. It is not even worth your time trying to convince them otherwise with words, your actions will always speak louder.It is fine if people look at you a little skeptically as you saunter up to your forklift truck, because when you show them that you can handle the machinery, nimbly nipping between aisles just as well as the rest of them you will soon start to prove that you are a force to be reckoned with. Just think how satisfying it will be when you not only succeed but you succeed in such spectacular fashion that the competition pales in significance.