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Salary Calculator

Our salary calculator helps you quickly estimate your take home pay, based on the Income Tax and National Insurance contributions you are required to pay. 

Complete the form below and our calculator will show your estimated yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and hourly pay.

Please note: This calculator, powered by SalaryBot provides estimates based on the UK 2019-2020 tax tables and the information you enter and therefore it should only be used as a guide. For further information regarding UK Income Tax rates and Personal Allowances visit


Gross Income

Gross income, also known as gross pay, is your total income before any tax or other deductions are made. In the UK your salary is subject to Income Tax and National Insurance contributions. Pension payment and student loan repayments are examples of other deductions that might be made from your gross income. 

Net Income

Net income is your total income after tax and other deductions are made. This is also known as your 'take home pay'. 

Income Tax 

Income Tax is a tax you pay on any income that exceeds your Personal Allowance, which is currently set at £11,850. Your personal allowance might be higher if you claim Marriage Allowance or Blind Persons Allowance. Our Salary calculator will show you your personal allowance based on your situation and adjust your estimated take-home pay accordingly. For more information about income tax visit

National Insurance 

In the UK you are required to make National insurance (NI) contributions in order to qualify for certain benefits like the State Pension. You will pay NI if you are aged 16 or over, earn more than £162 a week, or are self-employed and make a profit of £6,205 or more in a year. There are different types of National Insurance. The type you pay depends on your employment status and how much you earn. Our Salary Calculator will calculate your NI contributions based on your situation and adjust your estimated take home pay accordingly. To find out more about National insurance visit


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