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Hospital Porter Job Description

Are you looking for a job that provides a stable income, regular shifts and utilises your people skills?

If so, you are in luck as a Hospital Porter job can provide all of these things and what’s more, Blue Arrow recruits Hospital Porters for Sodexo to fulfil roles in many hospitals, some of the largest include Manchester Royal InfirmaryRoyal Stoke Hospital and Wythenshawe Hospital.

If you are a friendly, helpful and reliable person, then a Hospital Porter job may be the perfect job for you. 

What are the main duties of a Hospital Porter?

A Hospital Porter's role is made up of many varying responsibilities including:

  • Transferring patients between various areas of the hospital
  • Ensuring the safe movement of medical equipment
  • Transporting clinical waste and dangerous materials
  • Giving meals to patients
  • Distributing post to wards
  • Delivering patient notes
  • Transferring the deceased to the mortuary

It is important to remember that in addition to these duties, a Hospital Porter is often a source of companionship to a frightened or stressed patient. They are good listeners who can offer sympathy and empathy. They are a reliable, dependable member of the healthcare team fulfilling important and much needed duties throughout the hospital.

To land a job as a Hospital Porter you do not need any specific qualifications or experience, it is more important that you enjoy working with people, helping those in need and providing an exceptional service at all times.

General skills that good Hospital Porters should possess are:

  • Ability to work quickly and calmly in emergencies
  • Good interpersonal skills with the ability to listen and empathise
  • Patience and tolerance
  • Caring and sympathetic nature
  • Physical fitness
  • Ability to respect patient confidentiality
  • Emotional resilience
  • Flexible approach to work
  • Adaptability to change and willingness to embrace new ideas and processes
  • Ability to follow instructions and work to tight time constraints
  • Reliability and dependability

Previous experience in a nursing or care home would go a long way when applying for a job as a Hospital Porter, as would any experience that you may have in customer service. This does not need to be in a healthcare industry, if you have enjoyed working with the public in any other role or industry, be sure to mention it.

Finding the right balance between your work and your lifestyle is really important, as a Hospital Porter you will often find that your shifts include days, evenings, nights, weekends and Bank Holidays. Shift patterns can work extremely well for those who have home and family commitments providing a career that enables you to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

If you are looking to the future, then it is good to know that career progression prospects are excellent as a Hospital Porter. The role provides the opportunity to learn and develop interpersonal skills and after gaining sufficient experience, porters can move into managerial roles. Depending on the hospital, you could become a team leader or supervisor, and could then be promoted to the position of porter manager

You will also gain a vast cross-section of transferable skills such as organisation, communication, problem-solving, multitasking, diligence and reliability that can be utilised in many roles and industries.

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