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A unique opportunity with NHS Test and Trace in Royal Leamington Spa

To support the national testing efforts in response to COVID-19, NHS Test and Trace are looking for candidates within their warehouse and laboratory support divisions in Royal Leamington Spa. By joining this laboratory, you will be working within one of the UK and Europe’s largest state-of-the-art diagnostic testing facilities and get to play a part during this unprecedented time.

Opportunities at Royal Leamington Spa

If you have a keen interest in science or want to make a difference to both your local community and our wider UK nations, you could be suitable for either of our laboratory support or warehousing positions.

Laboratory Support Technician

As a Laboratory Support Technician, you’ll get to work within a specific area of the testing process, which could include sample unpacking, sample preparation and providing support on operating equipment. Learn more about what we’re looking for here and do take some time to read more about the application process for this role.

Warehouse Operative

Warehouse Operatives are vital to the day-to-day operation flow of the laboratory and wider testing programme. Your main responsibilities will include managing and organising sample flow to the next workstation and keeping a record of all samples being processed. Previous warehouse or relevant experience is essential for the role.

Senior Warehouse Operative

Senior Warehouse Operatives are closely aligned with Warehouse Operatives and will support them to oversee the organisation of samples being processed, ensuring safe delivery to the laboratory. Previous warehouse or relevant experience is essential for the role. Holding an FLT license would be a bonus but is not mandatory.

Warehouse Supervisor

As a Warehouse Supervisor, you’ll be responsible for overseeing the sample organisation flow, leading your team to support with the wider testing process and ensuring work processes adhere to SOPs, Health & Safety (H&S) requirements and lab accreditation standards. Previous management experience within a warehousing environment is essential.

A world-leading public health disaster response unit

The Royal Leamington Spa laboratory will cement the UK as a world leader in diagnostics and will form a key part in the UK’s national infrastructure to respond to future epidemics. In the long run, this laboratory will also support other critical illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Training and Professional Development

You will receive comprehensive induction and training relevant to your role. No matter which role you’re in, NHS Test and Trace will offer you continued professional development and experience to define your career further.

Working safely

Safety is of the utmost priority at the Royal Leamington Spa laboratory. During your induction, you will be given a tour of the building and learning about site safety. You will also complete a health and safety training which will help you get to grips with understanding protocols around working spaces to ensure paramount care.

Facilities at Royal Leamington Spa laboratory

To accommodate for the round the clock shifts that are taking place within the lab, a range of facilities are in place to provide flexibility and support your work-life balance. Facilities will include a wellness space, a refreshment area, a food court with kitchen facilities and shuttles to the car park and train station.

Getting to and from the lab

The Royal Leamington Spa laboratory is situated a short distance from Leamington town centre, with public transport options available. If you wish to travel by car, a dedicated car park is available within a short distance of the site. Otherwise, you can also make use of the lab’s shuttle bus facility:

  • 5-minute drive or 20-minute walk from Leamington Spa railway station.
  • 7-minute drive or 25-minute walk from the main bus terminal.
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