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Why Work at Lloyds Banking Group

For over 320 years Lloyds Banking Group have been making a difference to the lives of customers, businesses and communities. It’s a great business to work for!

As a Lloyds Banking Group colleague you will be part of an ever-changing industry, playing a key role in shaping the financial services of the future whilst supporting the customers changing needs.

The scale and reach of the Group means that as a colleague you will have many opportunities to learn, grow and develop. Everyone can make a real difference.

Becoming a colleague means you can enjoy excellent benefits, learning and career opportunities. You will get a sense of purpose and a clear direction. When your hard work makes a difference, they will make sure you feel recognised.

In addition to the wide range of personal development opportunities you can also look forward to an attractive reward package including a competitive pay rate, a potential bonus and a generous holiday entitlement.

Did we mention that as a colleague you are in control of your benefits package with the freedom to choose the benefits that suit you and your individual needs? So when you're helping customers move forward, rest assured that if you want get ahead of yourself, Lloyds Banking Group will be right behind you.

We have it on good authority that as a major employer, Lloyds Banking Group are able to access goods and services at highly competitive rates and, in some cases, offer tax and national insurance savings that further enhance the value of what you receive.

The benefits that Lloyds Banking Group currently offer as part of their rewards package include:

  • Competitive Pay rate
  • Group Performance Share Plan (Bonus) or Variable Pay and Incentive Plan
  • Pension
  • Share Plans
  • Flexible Benefits (FLEX)
  • Private Medical Benefit
  • Financial Products
  • Colleague Offers
  • Holidays
  • Colleague Wellbeing