Help Lloyds Banking Group become the best bank for customers as a Financial Business Analyst working within the business to business division of Lloyds Banking Group. The role can also be known as a Case Handler, Remediation Analyst or Business Analyst.

Being a Financial Analyst, you take a step up from general banking administration and move into high level clerical support delivering quality outputs to stakeholders. The higher skill requirement is reflected in the competitive pay rate of around £17.56 per hour. 

In addition to an excellent hourly rate, a Business Analyst position also provides 

  • Regular weekday hours.
  • Excellent prospects for a permanent position.
  • Extensive training and development opportunities.
  • Performance based pay rewards.

You can find out more about the benefits of being a Lloyds Banking Group colleague here 

The job calls on high level clerical support skills to complete day to day tasks that include data compilation, reconciliation, research, analysis and reporting alongside contributing to the development of administrative processes and systems. Lloyds Banking Group is committed to helping customers build for their future, which means a that a role with them provides a great opportunity for you to make a real difference.

If you come from a background in the banking or insurance industries it could be a real help for this role but it is not a requirement. There are no formal qualifications needed either but some general skills that would be useful in this role are:

  • Strong administration skills.
  • Computer skills including the use of Microsoft programs including Word and Excel.
  • Confidence in your own judgement and abilities.
  • Teamwork and leadership.
  • The ability to manage your workload.
  • An excellent work ethic. 

The best Financial Analysts have excellent leadership skills, a keen eye for detail and accuracy, are productive, efficient and knowledgeable. The knowledge and skills that you develop day to day through experience and training will be highly sought after as other business areas from within Lloyds Banking Group come to you for information and procedural advice.

It is also likely that within your role you will be supervising, supporting and coaching a small team of Lloyds Banking Group colleagues so this job is ideal for you if you want to take your career to the next level and try your hand at a supervisory role. Lloyds Banking Group recognises the importance of supporting each team members career development to ensure they make the most of their people’s talents whilst helping them to build personalised, compelling careers.

Did you know that for the first 100 years of its existence, Lloyds Banking Group prospered from just a single Birmingham office? Today the group serves more than 25 million customers and brings together a host of well-known brands. As a Business Analyst you will be working in one of the Lloyds Banking Group contact centres in Leeds, Cardiff, Birmingham, Glasgow or Liverpool.

All locations are supported by great transport links so getting to work is easy via public transport with the added bonus of an onsite staff car park for most sites. Many of the workplaces benefit from an onsite canteen featuring a Starbucks and communal breakout areas for all staff to use too. You can take a look at the locations in more detail here.

The recruitment process starts with CV selection, but the entire process can take a couple of weeks due to the thorough background checks and candidate screening processes that are in place to ensure the high standards you would expect are upheld. You can read more about the application process here.

In 1914 Lloyds Banking Group was at the forefront of modern day thinking, making over 2000 roles available to women throughout the war. Today Lloyds Banking Group is still committed to building a workforce which reflects the diversity of the customers and communities it serves, and to creating an inclusive workplace where all colleagues can be themselves and succeed on merit. 

Lloyds Banking Group have been supporting customers, colleagues, communities and businesses in the UK for over 320 years and are renowned for taking high performing temporary staff on into permanent roles. If you work hard and strive to hit or exceed your targets, embrace 'in the moment' coaching to develop your skills and display a keenness to develop a deeper level of expertise in all areas of the brand’s end to end goals you are in with a great chance of a long enjoyable career with Lloyds Banking Group.

Become part of an organisation that values your contribution and empowers you to make a difference by clicking on over to our opportunities page and applying for one of the Financial Analyst roles that we have available

Financial Analyst Role Responsibilities

  • Deliver a range of high level clerical/technical support tasks to provide high quality outputs which satisfy stakeholder needs.
  • Act as a point of reference for information & procedural advice & queries from other business areas. You may supervise a small team. 
  • Undertake a range of more complex technical support tasks e.g. data compilation, reconciliation, research and analysis and make recommendations for improvement to processes, procedures and systems.
  • Provide guidance on a range of technical queries, using own judgement and interpretation as required, to ensure the timely provision of high quality information and guidance.
  • Develop and maintain contacts across the business unit in order to identify customer requirements and provide appropriate support and guidance.
  • Ensure that all work within the team is completed accurately and adheres to specified Group policies, processes and procedures and relevant external regulations where required.
  • As required, supervise and coach team members in their day to day activities ensuring their workloads are completed to the required standard, providing advice, guidance, direction and support as appropriate.
  • Where required, manage, motivate, develop and appraise team members.
  • Contribute to the development of administrative systems and processes to support the work of more senior colleagues.
  • Where appropriate, assist in the planning of projects, scheduling of implementations, maintenance of project plans, liaising with technical departments, users and other colleagues as required.
  • Demonstrate the core values & behaviours of the banking group as an active team member.
  • Work is typically allocated and monitored on a timeframe in excess of one month.

If you are not sure that a Financial Analyst role is the perfect fit then explore some of the other Lloyds Banking Group roles, we are sure you will find one that is just right for you.