15 Ellis Road

Orientation: Situated between Mitcham Common and Poulter Park on a large industrial estate. View this location on Google Maps.

Travel Options

Car: Off street parking area provided

Bus: Goat Road bus stops D or E are a short walk away for bus numbers 127 and S1.

Train: Alighting and departing at Mitcham Junction Station.

Caffeine Hit

Depending on the route you take, choose from a Costa Coffee or Georges Café for a coffee on route to work.

Anyone Hungry?

If you don’t have a car available, lunch or snacks will require a 20 minute walk to find Georges café to the south or Golden Spoon Café to the north.

Life Saver Solutions

You will need to step away from this industrial estate and head to Valley Park Retail Centre on Daniell Way for a spot of retail therapy.