Belmont Road

Orientation: Situated between Bursted Wood and Erith and District Hospital. View this location on Google Maps.

Travel Options

Bus: Brook Street and Barnehurst Avenue bus stops are a short walk away for bus numbers 89, 229, N89 and B13.

Train: Alighting and departing at Barnehurst station.

Caffeine Hit

You may be better grabbing a coffee along your route as Munchies is the only coffee shop nearby and while it is highly rated, it is not along the walking route from the train station or the bus stop.

Anyone Hungry?

Next to Bursted Wood, you will find a Sainsburys local so why not grab a sandwich and spend your lunch break walking through the wood.

Life Saver Solutions

If you have forgotten a birthday and need to grab a gift, the Erith Riverside Shopping Centre is just 26 minutes away on foot.