Pin of Co-op Lea Green on a map and showing surrounding area

Lea Green Distribution Centre

55 Elton Head Road
Saint Helens

Orientation: The Co-op distribution centre in Lea Green is situated on the east side of the St Helen’s Linkway road, right next to Sherdley Park. View this location on Google Maps.   

Travel options 

Car: An on-site car park is available.

Bus: Travelling via bus couldn’t be easier, with bus numbers 156, 719 and 733 all servicing the Sherdley Bus Park, right outside.

Train: Alighting and departing at Lea Green train station just 10 minutes away. 

Caffeine Hit 

For the essential coffee on your route to work you will find the Nirvana Coffee Shop just 10 minutes away on Lowfield Lane. 

Anyone hungry?  

Depending on what you fancy, there is a Co-op shop 9 minutes away or if you want to sit and eat, the Nirvana Coffee Shop is the one to choose.

Life Saver Solutions 

For a last minute shopping life saver solution, the Church Square Shopping Centre is just a short drive up the St Helen’s Linkway.

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