The business centre in Preston Brook is home to some of our Customer Service and Administration staff working with Capita including the telecoms sector.

Chester Road
Preston Brook

Orientation: Located just 5 minutes from the M56. 24 minutes from Chester city centre by car

Travel options

Car: A large free to use car park is on site, there is also a car share scheme in place.

Bus: Travelling via bus is nice and easy with a free bus service

Train: Alighting and departing at Runcorn East.

Caffeine Hit

For the essential coffee on your route to work your best bet is the on-site restaurant but there is the option of Perky Grinders on Jack Search Way if you would rather get it on-the-go.

Anyone hungry?

Lunch time options are plentiful with an on-site restaurant and an employee chill-out area called The Den and outside of the office there is food-to-go Chester Road.

Life Saver Solutions

Last minute shopping convenience is 6 minutes away by car to Runcorn shopping centre but there is an on-site retail shop for employees which is great if you forget a birthday or just want to indulge in some middle-of-the-day retail therapy.