Jobs with Royal Mail Group, Testimonials : "The management is great, they are helpful and have  good sense of humour."

Robert's Story

When did you start working at Royal Mail?

It was back in June 2017 about 8 months into my retirement that I started.

What position do you hold at Royal Mail?

I work in the distribution centre sorting the mail.

Tell me about a typical day at work?

I started at 2pm and set up the Yorks (cages) ready to segregate the mail. A lorry arrives, and we unload it and take the mail through to be sorted. 

What made you choose this job at Royal Mail?

I had been retired for 8 months after working for M&S for 32 years. My sons are both postmen and I knew what it is like to work for Royal Mail so when we saw a holiday cover opportunity pop up I just went for it. 

What was your application process like?

It was fine, I filled in the form, did an arithmetic test and 4 days later I started work. The people in the office were a great help

What surprised you most when you started?

Nothing, I had some help there though because of my sons already being with Royal Mail, I knew what to expect and quite a few of the people too. 

Did you receive any training before you started?

Yes, I did. My manager showed me how to do the job and all of the bits that goes with it.    

What do you like most about your job?

I love everything about my job, really! People always say that it is so nice that I am so positive about my work. I just want to help so I really am someone who just says, let’s just get it done and enjoy it, you know. 

What do you dislike most about your job?

It is a shame that some people don’t like change and can get down about things, I have to remind them that in my experience, change can be a good thing, life is what you make it. 

What are your fellow team members like?

Oh, they are great, really fantastic. It is a great group of guys who make everyone feel welcome. Teamwork is the key, you have to share the load and work together to do a great job. 

Do you receive on-the-job support from management? 

The management is fantastic. They are helpful, they have a good sense of humour and they are good communicators. 

What would you tell someone who was considering applying for a role like yours?

Go for it! You will absolutely love it! 

Would you recommend your job to a friend?

Yes, I really would recommend it. 

Is there anything else you would like to add? 

I have been around a while and even though I was retired, I have lots of experience and knowledge to share with the people I work with now. They don’t all know what I did before and that once upon a time I was a manager of a big Company too, so I do know what it is like.Sometimes just helping them to see that there is always a way to get something done, there is no need to get stressed out, just work through the problem. I love that I can pass that sort of advice on to the younger ones. It’s always best to go home after an honest day’s work without any stress.

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