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With Royal Mail recruiting for so many new job opportunities there is no better way to find out about the reality of a job than from the people who already work in the field every day. 
I am sure we have all wondered what it might be like to work at one of the UK’s leading brands, especially a brand like Royal Mail who have been a household name for such a long time.

Reading about a brand is one thing, sure, you get to know what they stand for and how they operate from a customer outlook, but it is the first-hand honest testimonials from existing staff that go so much further to showing you what it is really like to work as a Delivery Driver, Mail Sorter, or a Class 1 Driver.

In a bid to get the inside scoop we invited some of our candidates who were successfully placed into various Royal Mail roles to talk to us about their experiences, from the application through to career progression, the good bits and the not so good.