Wait what were you paid a six figure income for?

Wait what were you paid a six figure income for?

Have you ever been on social media, be it Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram and seen the posts that say, "I gave up a six figure income to do X, find out how here".

Am I the only person who reads that and immediately thinks; Damn, a six figure income, what in the world did you do before? I personally have no interest in what they are selling but the six figure income they gave up, where does anyone get one of those jobs, and where are they in such vast supply that you can give it up to be online all day?

It is no surprise that these posts are popular, they promise a get rich quick solution to people who are trudging through their daily grind and who are susceptible to being lead down the rabbit hole of false promises. They are designed to be an ignition for your imagination, to dangle in front of you the supposed endless possibilities and undermine the jobs and opportunities that are on offer and within reach.

What they don't tell you is that for most, risking everything on a get rich quick scheme is just not an option. We want security, surety and the opportunity to earn a good days wages for a good days work, the way it has always been done.

There are no easy shortcuts and no schemes that pass the test of time. The key to longevity and security is hard work, effort and dedication. To get to where we want to be we start from the bottom, we work our way up, climbing each rung of the ladder making slow and steady progress, building a future based upon the secure foundations of work ethic and acumen.

So, to the young man who puts on his best shirt and tie to sit endless interviews, never faltering in his resolve that the perfect job for him is just around the corner. To the mother who walks an hour to work every day for the pay check that keeps tummies full and backs clothed, and to the father who sacrifices everything he thought he wanted in favour of providing for his family.

You are the people who make this country great, it is you who support the economy as an active participant in the chain of commerce. It is you who we celebrate. Be proud of the work you do, strive to provide and seek to progress. We are right here walking alongside you, offering support and opportunities to all of you, bringing home the bacon.