Top 5 skills of a Warehouse Manager

Top 5 skills of a Warehouse Manager

To be a great Warehouse Manager it takes more than experience, more than an understanding of the industry and much more than a forthright attitude to getting the job done.

As the demand for warehouse space in the UK increases so too does the need for efficient, organised and dedicated Warehouse Operatives to work on the warehouse floor. More operational staff on the warehouse floor calls for more Managers providing outstanding leadership. 

It is the Warehouse Manager who is responsible for orchestrating all of the moving parts that go into warehousing and logistics, from shipping and receiving goods to developing the systems and from leading the team to helping each and every team member to achieve their very best.

To be an effective Warehouse Manager your proactive attitude and approach towards working alongside others are probably the two things that will see you either succeed and flourish or flounder and fail. A great warehouse manager leads by example, getting stuck in and hands on when needed, treating colleagues with respect, welcoming and listening to the ideas of others and showing a willingness to adapt to requests or alternative points of view where possible. 

It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are or how long you have spent climbing the career ladder, if you don’t know how to be an effective leader your time as a Manager will always be a little more difficult than it needs to be. You will always need the support and respect of your staff to really get the very best out of them so, your interpersonal, teamworking and communication skills should always be your primary focus. 

Nailing your leadership skills aside, there are 5 other top skills that a Warehouse Manager needs:

Top 5 skills of a warehouse Manager

1. Time Management

Working to targets, inspiring the team to push through a difficult shift and achieving various business objectives relies upon a good foundational ability to manage time and see what can realistically be achieved within the time available. 

2. Logic & Problem Solving

Things don’t always run smoothly, especially when you have more to store or move within your warehouse than you first anticipated. Adapting to the quickly changing landscape and reacting decisively shows your team that you are in control of the situation.

3. Health & Safety Awareness

Keeping the warehouse environment and therefore your team safe is of paramount importance. You must lead by example, directing clearly when things are in need of change, educating staff to be ambassadors for a safe environment and ensuring you are working within the legislative guidelines at all times. 

4. Hands on Skills

A great Manager knows how to and often gets stuck in to doing a bit of everything. A Manager who can pull their weight on the warehouse floor will be respected more than a Manager who rules from behind a desk with no clue what it really takes to do a job, so take the time to get to know all aspects of the various warehouse roles.

5. Continuous Improvement Mindset

Ensuring that your warehouse is at the forefront of changing legislation, automotive technology, staff training, and computer system analysis tools goes hand in hand with providing exceptional customer service, business development and staff satisfaction. All of which fall under your responsibility as a Warehouse Manager. 

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