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This one time at Band Camp – Part 2: The case of the Mismatched Boots

I really want to share some real work-life stories with you, so you can see that no matter what your job is, some days everything seems to fall into place and on others, well, things just don't.

This series is called This one time, at band camp and is an opportunity for me to bring you selected readers stories just like this one from our very own Marketing Manager here at Blue Arrow – Hik Sasaki.

Mismatched Mornings. 

It was a normal busy morning in London and I was on my way to a TV ‘script reading’ session with the CEO, the General Manager and various important people from a broadcasting company I worked for.

As a group we had got on the tube at Hammersmith and were about 10 minutes away from the studio in Central London.

The tube, despite its reputation for being crowded and uncomfortable actually provides a brief few minutes of respite in between navigating the bustling crowds of people in the stations who are heading to work, on the tube they all stand still for a few moments.

This moment of stillness is usually the best time to do a quick self-assessment ensuring you have made it through the morning so far unscathed. You get to smooth your hair back into place, straighten your skirt and shrug your handbag further up on your shoulder in preparation for the inevitable surge as we all try to disembark in a huddle.

Approaching Oxford Circus, I was going through this little ritual and, as I went to grab my bag, I happened to look at my feet. I stared for a minute in disbelief as my brain tried to work out what my eyes were seeing, right there on my feet were odd boots!  I mean they weren’t just a little bit different they were totally unique! How had I managed to make it this far wearing one long brown boot and one shorter black boot without noticing?

Had everyone else realised and were just been too polite to tell me? Bear in mind that I had already been through my first commute, spent some time at work and was now travelling across London again, it seemed unlikely that someone had not noticed, even if I hadn’t. 

The only way to fix it was to ditch the group and find a shop. As the huddle began to spill off the train I began dropping back, mumbling that I would meet them there, that no they shouldn’t wait for me, I will catch them up. As the group were carried off in the crowd I seized the opportunity, broke away from the huddle and headed towards the nearest Top Shop to buy some ‘matching’ shoes all the while extremely conscious of my mismatched boots.

I finally arrived at the studio breathless, trying to avoid answering the questions of where I had got to. I seemed to have got away with it!

A huge thank you goes out to Hik for telling this story, providing a picture of the starring boots and allowing me to share it with you.

Hik is pleased to report that wearing matching shoes has now become a regular occurrence in her week. 

Do you have a story to share? If so, I would love to hear it and maybe even feature it right here on This one time at band camp.

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