How to get a job through Blue Arrow?

How to get a job through Blue Arrow?

This week I got the chance to be a journalist, I know exciting right! I was invited to a local Blue Arrow branch to discuss how you go about landing a job through Blue Arrow and the registration process. I went prepared with a series of questions in my little flip up reporter’s notebook, after all a girl has got to have the right kit for every occasion and in my case that means the perfect pad and pencil. 

I drove in to the town centre and just my luck found a parking space right outside the branch. After a cursory glance in the mirror I grabbed my notebook, took a deep breath and practiced my very best “Hi it’s, Caree R, Writer” in what I hoped was a confident and self-assured tone. Fast forward 30 seconds and I am falling up the steps tripping over my own foot and bursting awkwardly through the door forgetting my practiced greeting and just shouting “hey” in an overly upbeat voice as if they have known me for years. Great first impression! 

To his credit the man whose office I had fallen into (who turned out to be the Branch Manager) didn’t miss a beat and acted as if I had walked in like a person who had full control over their own limbs. He smoothly offered me a seat and said, you must be Caree.

In a bid to regain some self-respect and a little control over the interview I slid in to my seat, took out my notebook, flipped it open with a flourish and tried to look like an important writerly type by launching into my series of questions.

So, I had a look at some of the well populated Blue Arrow job boards and I was wondering, what happens when I hit 'apply now' and fill out the online form?

We receive the online form which lets us know you are interested in a particular job we have advertised. We will then look through the form and call you to arrange a time to have a chat in more detail before starting the registration process. It’s a very personal service.

What does the registration process entail?

One of our branch team members will have a chat with you about what you have been doing and what type of work you would like to do or the particular role you are interested in plus your availability and access to transport etc. After that we will set up an appointment where we can gather some further information about you including proof of right to work, identification, references and employment history. You will also complete some forms which will help us to get you set up and ready to proceed through the application process and on to work.

What is 'proof of right to work’?

This is something that shows us that you do have the legal right to work in the UK. This can either be a passport showing you are a British citizen, your National Insurance card and original birth or adoption certificate, or an ID card showing you are a national of the European Economic Area or Switzerland.

Once I have registered, how long is it before I can actually work?

As soon as we have reached out to your references and heard back then you are good to go. This can be really quick and be done in days, sometimes if can take a little longer but we will try to get through it as quickly as possible. 

I have no idea what I want to do, I just need a job, any job, can you help?

Yes, we can help. If you take a look at our website which is also a job board [] they are a good place to start. They will give you an idea of the work that is currently available and you may find one that suits you. If not don't worry, the branch staff will let you know what is available and together you can look at all of the options. Perhaps have a think about what skills and experience you have before you call us or come in with it in mind so together we can look to see what jobs might be right for you. 

What if I have a job already but just want some extra work, can I still register? 

Yes, this is no problem, but do be clear about your availability and let us know if anything changes with the days and times you can work.

What references do I need? 

They will depend on the type of work you are hoping for but generally it would be good for you to have 2 work references that cover the last 3 years of working.

I have not been at work in some time, so I don’t have work references, what do I do?

Don’t panic, if you have not been working you can also use personal, educational or community standing references for some positions.

I just left school and don’t have any experience do you have any jobs I can do?  

Yes, how else are you supposed to get experience if you don’t start somewhere. You can really help yourself out here by getting together some information about who you are, your achievements at school, attendance history, grades, and details of any extracurricular activities you took part in. If you can get a school reference or two that would really boost your profile as well.

Do I need a DBS?

Not all jobs ask for a DBS but if you have one or you can get one done then it goes a long way to opening up the possible work placements that are right for you.

I have a criminal record; can I still get a job?

If your conviction is spent then, with the exception of some employers, yes is the short answer. If your conviction is not yet spent, then we will need to have a chat to get some details but do not fear, we are here to help and will do everything we can. The best thing is to speak with us and be honest. If we have the info we are much more able to help. 

Do I need a CV?

If you have a CV already that’s great, it can speed things up but if you don’t then we can either put you in touch with places who can help you to make one or if you would prefer you can fill out one of our forms that ask the same questions that a CV would provide anyway. 

I have kids, do you have jobs that are flexible to work around the school day and term times?

Yes, we do, we have many different jobs and sometimes we can also look at job shares so it is best to call us or pop in so we can talk about your availability and look at the work we have available to suit.

Can I work in more than one place?

Yes absolutely!

Is this process the same for all employers?

The registration with Blue Arrow is the same but some employers do have different requirements. The branch staff will be able to advise you on a case by case basis if the job you are applying for has anything specific that you need to know or consider prior to making an application so do take the time to speak with our team.