5 minutes with Blue Arrow’s Senior Business Director, Sean Clare

Our first ‘5 minute’ blog features Senior Business Director, Sean Clare.

If you’re looking for a career filled with opportunities to progress, and are considering the recruitment industry, then Sean’s story will resonate with you and offer valuable insight into the world of recruitment.

Sean began his journey with Blue Arrow as a Recruitment Consultant in May 2009, joining from a small independent recruitment agency. 12 years on and having covered an array of industries, Sean has achieved seven promotions on to his way to becoming our Senior Business Director for Derbyshire, North Staffordshire, and Nottingham.

Of our five ‘Enhancing Your Everyday’ people first priorities (Progression, Purpose, Teamwork, Reward & Performance), which can you most relate to when you think of your career at Blue Arrow, and why?

Progression. During my time with Blue Arrow my ambition has always been matched and my career path from Recruitment Consultant to Senior Business Director displays the progression that is possible within the business. Additionally, from a management position I’m seeing this come to life for my team.

How has your performance been recognised during your time with Blue Arrow?

Career development and promotions, awards and recognition from line mangers and senior leaders. Acknowledgement from those at the top of our business is very motivating. As well as performance being recognised it has also been rewarded with vouchers, spa trips, race days and a trip to Marrakech.

What is your proudest achievement during your time at Blue Arrow?

Seeing my whole team on stage in 2019 at our annual conference & awards ceremony where we finished 2nd in the ‘Branch of the Year’ category. 

What are your top three tips for anyone starting a career in the recruitment industry?

1. Honesty, with yourself, your colleagues, your clients, and candidates at all times. This will set you on the right path with others, earning their respect and developing a trusted reputation.

2. Don’t worry about things outside of your control, there will be times when people say no or let you down, but if you can say that you’ve tried your best and done all you could then there’s no reason to become too deflated. The recruitment industry can be very demanding at times, and is ever-changing - accept any disappointments and channel them in to learning experiences to improve next time.

3. Be patient, success will take time. Don’t be down if you don’t establish a partnership with a client after the first call or meeting, it may take months, possibly years to form successful working partnerships. It’s important to be patient and seek to build genuine long-standing relationships with the companies you want to partner with. No one wants to feel like they are being sold to. Be genuine at all times, and always vary your methods of communication with prospective clients.

What do you believe sets Blue Arrow apart from other recruitment employers?

Despite being such a large organisation with so many employees we have a genuine family culture, with so many people across the business being familiar with one another. This creates a great environment to be a part of and is supported by Blue Arrow’s commitment to doing right by their people.

Describe Blue Arrow as an employer in three words:

  1. Supportive
  2. Aspirational
  3. Caring

You’ve heard it from Sean – are you looking for an opportunity to develop your career and #EnhanceYourEveryDay? 

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