5 ways to overcome boredom at work

5 ways to overcome boredom at work

Boredom at work really is just the worst. It is not uncommon, and it is not exclusive to warehouse workers, people find themselves bored in a whole range of jobs, even those you think would be interesting. 

Staff who are bored feel overworked and under employed, they become distracted start making mistakes, miss important health and safety considerations and they lose focus, ultimately becoming less productive then they once were. 

While none of this sounds good from the employer’s perspective it really is awful for the employee too. Who wants to be bored? Everyone would prefer to be busy, even if it is tiring buzzing around the warehouse all day, it’s got to be better than watching the clock waiting for the end of your shift when you have 9 hours still to go. 

When you find yourself walking around the warehouse like a zombie because you can’t quite muster the enthusiasm to pretend to be engaged anymore, it is time you took drastic action to combat boredom and reignite your work place passion.  

5 ways to combat boredom at work. 

1. Read to challenge your thoughts

Read something, we don’t mean social media, try a book or a blog. Something that makes you think or challenges your views, this way you can spend your day mulling over the subject in your mind and reflecting on what you read

Book recommendations for expanding your mind

2. Listen to expand your mind

Use your commute or your lunch break to expand or engage your mind through listening. Podcasts are an excellent way to identify an interest in something outside of your usual go to genre. Listening to storytelling Podcasts are the very best way to get outside of your own head and hear inspirational, funny, sad and interesting true accounts that provide a window into the world outside of your bus or staff room window. 

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3. Track to challenge yourself

Get an exercise tracker and see how many steps you do in a day; can you challenge your colleagues to make things more interesting?

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4. Set goals to reach for more

Setting goals brings long term vision and short-term motivation to help keep you mind focused on what is important.

Stages of Life have a fab worksheet to help you work through how to set goals and be accountable for achieving them.

5. Take pride in your work to stay productive

As the zen saying goes "The way a person does one thing is the way they do everything” Take pride in all you do, do everything thoroughly and to the very best of your ability. Check out this blog post by Tobi Atkins discussing this very same approach for more insights .

If you really can’t turn it around and find a renewed sense of work satisfaction, then perhaps it is time to consider a different role.