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Warehouse Career Prospects

Warehousing now provides more jobs in a concentrated area then high street stores ever have, opening up opportunities for job seekers and career ladder climbers throughout the UK; but what roles are available in a warehouse?

Warehouse Job Titles

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Warehouse Role Description

Forklift Truck driver

£8.23 to £11.20 per hour,  £14,642 - £25,204 per year

This role is generally known as a material handler, forklift truck driver or forklift driver. The job duties will include using motorised equipment and hand tools to move manufactured goods and materials to and from storage or production areas, loading docks, delivery vehicles. 

Warehouse Operative / Picker, packer 

Salary £7.82 - £9.97 per hour / £13,396- £22,337 per year

This role is also known as 'warehouse worker', 'warehouse operator', 'warehouse picker' and 'picker packer'. 

The job duties required of a warehouse worker will vary based on the employer and the position. In general warehouse work includes receiving and processing new shipments of stock and raw materials and storing and distributing stock and materials, picking, packing and shipping orders.

Warehouse Administrator 

£15,474 - £25,788 per year

Warehouse administrators are also known as Stock Controllers, they oversee the management of stock. This includes receiving, issuing and dispatching stock, and handling communication between transport companies and warehouse customers. Warehouse administrators are responsible for the data entry and inventory of all stock.

Quality Assurance Inspector 

£16,192 – £32,249 per year

A quality assurance inspector in a warehouse check all goods are of the highest standards and that they are suitable for shipping. They coordinate with the warehouse personnel to place goods on quality hold or release as needed. 

Warehouse Team Leader

£16,369 - £27,049 per year

A warehouse team leader is also known as a Shift Supervisor. They make sure the warehouse environment is safe and productive during their shift. They oversee a team of warehouse staff and complete functions such as ensuring areas of the warehouse are clean and free from hazards, keeping track of inventory, and authorising overtime and holidays. A warehouse team leader may work a variety of shifts and generally works full time.

Warehouse Manager

£17,724 - £35,894 per year

Warehouse managers are responsible for organising the safe and efficient receipt, storage and dispatch of warehoused goods. Generally working a variety of shifts as needed based on the operating hours of the warehouse, a warehouse manager usually works full time, in many cases alongside other warehouse managers working opposing shift patterns.