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Chef Jobs Southampton

The catering and hospitality sector in Southampton

  • Chef Salary (April 2019) in Southampton: £24,094 per year / £12.35 per hour
  • Executive Head Chef Salary (April 2019) in Southampton: £42,500 per year / £21.79 per hour
  • Assistant Chef Salary (April 2019) in Southampton: £17,378 per year / £8.91 per hour

Southampton has always been a hub of creativity, culture and commerce. Ever since the days of Roman Britain, when it was a vital trading port, the city has been home to exciting job opportunities, thanks in part to its location. The same can be said today, especially for those working in catering and hospitality.

Our most recent data suggests that take-home pay for catering and hospitality professionals is on the up. Wages increased 2.2% last year, with Nomis reporting that employment in the city continues to grow year-on-year. The average salary for a chef is over £24,000 a year (hourly rate), whilst an executive head chef can expect to earn £42,500 (hourly rate). 

Demand for staff in catering and hospitality is also on the rise. Though many service-based industries are declining, catering and hospitality jobs in Southampton look well-set to increase in demand in the near to long-term future for both chefs and waiters. Seasonal demand also plays a part, with peak summer and Christmas periods providing greater opportunities.

Training is readily available in the area, too. Southampton City College offers courses in Professional Cookery and Culinary Skills, whilst also offering a Professional Cookery Apprenticeship for those looking to make their first steps towards becoming a star chef. 

Little wonder creative chefs are flocking to the area. Matthew Tomkinson, the twice-recognised Michelin-star Chef, has recently brought his locally sourced menu at the King’s Head pub in Whiteparish. Meanwhile, local icon Buffalo Bills, previously in a state of disuse, is set for a new lease of life. 

Southampton is definitely a city on the up for people working in catering and hospitality.

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