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The catering and hospitality sector in Leicester

  • Head chef salary (September 2019) in Leicester: £29,869.47 a year / £14.36 per hour
  • Sous chef salary (September 2019) in Leicester: £23,802.66 a year / £12.74 per hour
  • Chef de partie salary (September 2019) in Leicester: £20,670 a year / £10.13 per hour

Until recently, Leicester (despite its size and central location in England) was something of an afterthought to those outside the East Midlands. It was famous for being the home of Walkers Crisps and the birthplace of Julian Barnes, Gary Lineker and the Attenboroughs, but not a lot else.

Then two things happened in quick succession to completely galvanise Leicester’s national image. In 2012, the long-lost remains of the 15th-century king, Richard III, were excavated underneath a city-centre car park – sparking a frenzy of interest in the infamous monarch. And then, in 2016, Leicester City FC shook the entire sporting world to its foundations by winning the Premier League – despite being 5000-1 rank outsiders and favourites for relegation. Much to Lineker’s delight, Leicester is now firmly on the map.

There’s much more to this city than rich heritage and sporting prowess, however. Thanks in part to its ethnic diversity and entrepreneurial spirit, Leicester boasts one of the most interesting food and drink scenes in the country. From award-winning restaurants and real ale pubs to independent coffee shops and pop-up food trucks, Leicester has it all.

This city is brimming with variety. With hundreds of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi restaurants, curry lovers will feel right at home in Leicester. The city was, after all, a former holder of the title of UK Curry Capital. Cheese and meat fans are in for a treat, too: Red Leicester and Stilton are famously produced in the surrounding Leicestershire countryside, as are Melton Mowbray pork pies. And with farmers markets, country boozers, local distilleries and ethnic diners thrown into the mix, this city is a foodie melting pot.

Leicester is a great place for talented catering and hospitality professionals to make their mark. Chef wages in Leicester are highly competitive; slightly higher than the nearby cities of Nottingham and Derby. Our most up-to-date data suggests that take-home pay for catering and hospitality workers is on the rise. The average salary for a head chef is just under £30,000 a year, while a talented sous chef can earn around £24,000 a year.

If you’re a chef looking to upskill, Leicester also has several industry-recognised training courses to help you master your craft. Leicester College, for example, offers a range of hospitality and catering courses for all levels of experience. 

From kitchen roles in care homes to mixologist roles in trendy cocktail bars, catering and hospitality jobs in Leicester are plentiful.

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