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Chef Jobs Derby

The catering and hospitality sector in Derby

  • Head chef salary (August 2019) in Derby: £29,380.65 a year / £14.13 per hour
  • Sous chef salary (August 2019) in Derby: £24,644.80 a year / £11.85 per hour
  • Chef de partie salary (August 2019) in Derby: £21,731.29 a year / £10.45 per hour

The UK’s most central city, Derby is something of a hidden gem. Located on the doorstep of the Peak District, this friendly, cultural city not only represents great value for money but also has a host of things to do throughout the year: from festivals (Derby has been labelled ‘the city of festivals’) to museums and galleries. The city’s many luscious green parks ain’t half bad, either — Derby Arboretum was the first public park in England and the inspiration for New York City’s Central Park.

As you’d expect with a large city, Derby has a thriving food and drinks scene. Every cuisine under the sun can be sampled in the many restaurants, gastropubs and bistros across the city. Dubbed the home of real ale, the city is ideal for beer lovers and bartenders alike. And with one of the best cafe cultures in Britain, Derby is a natural home for budding baristas.

For catering and hospitality professionals, wages in Derby are some of the most competitive in the region. According to our latest data, a head chef can earn over £29,000 a year, which is more than in nearby Nottingham or Sheffield. Meanwhile, a sous chef can earn over £24,000 annually.

There’s never been a better time for hospitality and catering work in Derby. A range of jobs are available across the city  from a permanent role in a high-end restaurant to matchday bar work at Pride Park, the home of Derby County Football Club. And with various events running throughout the yearly calendar, seasonal employment is readily available, too. Derby’s food and drink scene is certainly going places.

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