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Chef Jobs Cardiff

The catering and hospitality sector in Cardiff

  • Chef Salary (May 2019) in Cardiff: £25,642 per year / £13.15 per hour
  • Head Chef Salary (May 2019) in Cardiff: £39,569 per year / £20.29 per hour
  • Assistant Cook Salary (May 2019) in Cardiff: £18,299 per year / £9.38 per hour

Cardiff is not just the capital of Wales. Right now, it’s one of the most desirable places to live and work in the UK. A thriving, cosmopolitan city, Cardiff is home to exceptional bars, restaurants and coffee shops, making it a haven for those working in catering and hospitality.

When it comes to take-home pay, Cardiff is amongst the best in the UK. Our most recent data reveals that the average salary for a chef in Cardiff is £25,642, almost £5,000 higher than Swansea, and £2,000 more than nearby Bristol. Meanwhile, a head chef can expect to earn up to £40,000, with an assistant cook earning just shy of £20,000.

Demand for catering and hospitality staff is on the rise too. 2018 saw multiple new openings in the city, whilst 2019 looks set to be another year of growth. And with skills shortages across every field of our industry, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a role that’s right for you in Cardiff.

For those looking to train or upskill, Cardiff has got you covered. NobleProg offers on-site training for chefs, whilst Cardiff and Vale College has all the training a chef would need to become a true great. For those working for Blue Arrow employers, you may also have the opportunity to engage with a Blue Arrow Apprenticeship course.

There’s little wonder so many great chefs are working in Cardiff. A recent Wales Online piece showed the breadth and depth of culinary talent in the city. Michelin Star chef James Sommerin also cooks up an exciting taster menu just a few miles away in the coastal town of Penarth.

Cardiff is not just a great city today. It’s a city that’s growing fast, making it an exceptional place to work in catering and hospitality.

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