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Chef Jobs Birmingham

The catering and hospitality sector in Birmingham

  • Executive Head Chef Salary (June 2019) in Birmingham: £43,150 a year / £20.75 per hour
  • Sous Chef Salary (June 2019) in Birmingham: £26,746 a year / £12.86 per hour
  • Chef de Partie Salary (June 2019) in Birmingham: £22,352 a year / £10.75 per hour

There’s much more to Birmingham than Spaghetti Junction. From Black Sabbath to the balti, this diverse and eclectic West Midlands metropolis is full of surprises. With more miles of canals than Venice, Europe’s largest jewellery hub and over 50 festivals each year, it’s little surprise that the New York Times once placed Birmingham in their top 20 places to visit. And with no less than five Michelin-star restaurants, Brum is also a haven for food and drink connoisseurs.

The largest and most populous British city outside of London, Birmingham is actually a member of Délice, a global network of ‘Good Food Cities’. Meanwhile, the city is home to over 100 balti houses and the famous “Balti Triangle” (covering parts of Sparkbrook, Sparkhill and Balsall Heath) attracts 20,000 visitors each week.

Such a reputation for high-quality dining has attracted some of the country’s best chefs. Brad Carter, chef and proprietor at the eminently popular Carters of Moseley, was awarded a Michelin Star for his efforts. Louisa Ellis, a Masterchef: The Professionals finalist, has worked in some of the city’s best kitchens, including the Michelin-starred Adam’s and the ambient The Wilderness – where the head chef is Brummie culinary legend, Alex Claridge.

With such a thriving food scene and competitive wages, Birmingham is increasingly becoming a hub for talented catering and hospitality professionals. According to our most recent data, the average chef in Birmingham earns £21,656 a year. An executive head chef can expect to take home £43,150, while the average assistant chef makes earns around £10 an hour. 

If you’re a chef looking to raise your game, Birmingham has you covered. University College Birmingham offers Chef Cookery Courses that equip chefs with the practical skills and knowledge to improve their promotion prospects.

For talented catering and hospitality professionals looking to move to Birmingham, a range of jobs are available – from permanent work in a hotel kitchen to temporary barista roles. And with various events in Birmingham running throughout the yearly calendar, seasonal work is readily available, too. The city’s culinary scene is certainly in a good place right now.

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