Should you get a temporary seasonal job?

Should you get a temporary seasonal job?

Seasonal and temporary work can seem like the ideal solution to a job hunter but with so much negativity in the press how do you know what to believe?

To make an informed decision you need to know what the pro’s and the con’s are of temporary seasonal warehouse work.

In any job there are good bits and bad bits, advantages and disadvantages, pro’s and con’s and temporary warehouse work is no different. No matter where you work the chances are you will love some parts, hate other parts and be indifferent to the parts in between.

The good news is that with warehouse work, the best bits far outweigh the not so great bits.

Temporary warehouse work – the best bits

Weekly pay

The most popular perk of temping has to be getting paid weekly, no long waits for the first pay check and weekend cashflow can really help.


You will work with many different people from many walks of life and you will most certainly have fun doing it.


Working to targets can bring a great sense of achievement and productivity. You feel like you are always making progress towards the ultimate goal of getting goods to where they need to be, fast.

Fast paced

There is never a dull moment when you are zipping around fetching, carrying, packing, loading there is so much to do, you shift is over before you have had chance to get bored.


Being on your feet all day and walking around a warehouse can really clock up the miles so one thing is for sure, it will keep you fit. 


There is so much to do in a warehouse role that if you put yourself forward for opportunities, you will find not only your environment changes but also the tasks you are carrying out.


Shift work can easily fit around a family or other commitments, it is possible to have a great work/life balance – much more so than when you are stuck behind a desk 9-5 every day.


There is never a shortage of temporary warehouse work so with some experience your chances of staying in work when times are tough are high.


Extra shifts, especially during busy seasons are plentiful so if you are saving for a holiday, buying gifts for Christmas or just need to pay some bills, you can always pick up extra shifts and boost your bank balance.

Skills & CV Boosting

Temping is a great way to boost your skills and fill up the experience section of your CV

The not so great bits about warehouse work


Short term placements can be unpredictable, you can never guarantee your temporary position but if you work hard and are enthusiastic the chances of staying on permanently are high but if not, don’t worry, now you have some experience you will easily walk into another warehouse job.


Doing the same thing every day can get a little boring, it doesn’t matter if you are a Picker Packer or an Astronaut, repetition can be dull.

It is up to you to add some variation into your day so that you don’t get frustrated. You could try to beat your targets, find more efficient ways to work, network and speak to people, help others, organise social events, and upskill to keep the variation in your day.

So how do you know if you should take on a temporary position or not? All you can do is be informed, know the facts and know what to expect so you can decide what to do using all of the information to hand.

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