Apprenticeships by Blue Arrow Senior Production Chef : - Male Production Chef in commercial kitchen sauteing food in frying pan. 1 Male and 1 Female chef in the back ground talking.

Senior Production Chef Level 3

Managing a team to produce standardised dishes and menus within a kitchen environment. Senior Production Chefs may lead a brigade team or may support the Head Chef in larger establishments. They report activities to the Head chef or appropriate line manager.

They supervise production chef teams in a variety of kitchen environments, for example; schools, hospitals, the Armed Forces, care homes and high street casual dining or pub kitchens.

Job roles include Head Chef, Second Chef, Kitchen Manager / Supervisor, Cook. Senior production chefs have accountability for the day-to-day running of the kitchen service, producing, monitoring and maintaining consistent food standards, legislative requirements and quality across all areas and during all stages of production and supply.


The minimum duration for this apprenticeship is 12 months.


The programme of learning covers five topics, each split into three competency areas of knowledge, skills and behaviours:

  • Kitchen Operations
  • Nutrition
  • Legal  and Governance
  • People Business/Commercial

All senior production chef team members must have the following introductory knowledge;

  • Supervise and contribute to the production of centrally developed standardised recipes and menus.
  • Supervise the production of dishes to meet specific dietary requirements.
  • Complete, monitor and maintain food safety management systems (which include delivery, storage, cooking and service) and work equipment.
  • Identify training needs and assist in the recruitment of kitchen personnel.
  • Maintain the catering operating budget using nominated suppliers and ensuring the control of waste.
  • Support cost reduction, improve performance, revenue, profit margins and customers’ experience.
  • Monitor service to improve efficiency and productivity. Lead team briefings/meetings.


Once the programme of learning is complete, the learner, employer and training provider will agree the necessary Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours/Attitudes have been met. The learner will then be put forward for the independent End Point Assessment (EPA). The EPA will be carried out by an approved independent organisation, nominated by the employer or training provider.

The Senior Production Chef Apprenticeship Level 3 End Point Assessment will include the following types of assessment:

  • On demand test
  • Practical observation
  • Business project
  • Professional discussion

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