Apprenticeships by Blue Arrow - Commis Chef. Female Commis Chef putting final touches on dishes

Commis Chef Level 2

Preparing food and carrying out basic cooking tasks in every section of a kitchen under the supervision of a senior chef. A commis chef is the most common starting position in many kitchens and in principal the most junior culinary role. A commis chef prepares food and carries out basic cooking tasks under the supervision of a more senior chef.

The primary objective of the commis chef is to learn and understand how to carry out the basic functions in every section of the kitchen. Therefore having the opportunity to experience, consider and value each section with a view to choosing an area where they feel most inspired. The learning journey of any chef will vary considerably from one individual to the next; however it is necessary to understand and have experience in the basics that this role provides in order to progress to any future senior chef role.


The minimum duration for this apprenticeship is 12 months.


The programme of learning covers four topics, each split into three competency areas of knowledge, skills and behaviours:


  • Identify influencing factors for dish and menu choices.
  • Understand the role of technology and equipment in line with training.
  • Able to manage food stocks and deal with sub-standard ingredients.
  • Know how to work methodically and request support when needed.
  • Identify and measure ingredients to achieve consistent standards.
  • Understand food nutrition and basic and technical food preparation skills.
  • Develop good knife skills.

Food Safety

  • Understand and maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen environment.
  • Know how to store, prepare and cook food to maintain quality standards.


  • Work with others to ensure dishes of a high quality are produced.
  • Know how to communicate effectively with team mates.
  • Understand the value of ongoing training and development of skills.
  •  Develop good working relationships across the team and with other colleagues.


  • Basic understanding of costs and effective control of resources.
  • Demonstrate good supply chain and waste management practises.
  • Vigilant and aware of potential safety risks and how to prevent them.

Once the programme of learning is complete, the learner, employer and training provider will agree the necessary Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours/Attitudes have been met. The learner will then be put forward for the independent End Point Assessment (EPA). The EPA will be carried out by an approved independent organisation, nominated by the employer or training provider.

The Commis Chef Apprenticeship Level 2 End Point Assessment will include the following types of assessment: 

  • On demand test 
  • Practical observation
  • Professional discussion 
  • Culinary Challenge


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