Salaries Stay Hot in the Kitchen as Industry Averages Continue to Cool

Salaries Stay Hot in the Kitchen as Industry Averages Continue to Cool

Salaries in hospitality and catering have risen once again, according to staffing company Blue Arrow. The catering, driving, industrial and office recruiter’s September hiring report revealed that hospitality and catering professionals were paid on average 1.3% more than at the same stage last year – while salaries in the three other featured sectors fell for the sixth consecutive month.

Head chefs saw their average earnings rise 6.5% from £30,117 to £31,970 between September 2015 and September 2016. Despite the positive news for the sector as a whole, waiting staff/bartenders and commis chefs still saw their earnings decrease by 3.4% and 0.8% respectively, although the latter drop represented relative stability for commis chefs following the 9.7% year-on-year fall in the August report.

The call centre, admin and secretarial sector experienced the biggest drop in average salary, of 3%, from £24,114 to £23,386. Average earnings for administrators were down 3.9%, making them the hardest hit. Despite seeing their salaries drop 2.3% from £28,465 to £27,815, PAs remain the best paid professionals in the sector, with salaries reaching a peak of £33,762 in London.

At a huge 8.6%, Fitters experienced the biggest salary increase in the manufacturing and production, which took their average earnings from £26,998 to £29,329 – and this despite a 0.7% fall in the industry average. Fitters, however, were not the best-paid in London or the North East. That privilege went to welders, whose average earnings of £35,864 and £34,159 were comfortably higher than fitters’ £32,231 and £25,506 respectively.

Despite a 2% drop in average salary taking their earnings from £28,597 to £28,035, Class 1 drivers remain the highest paid in transport and logistics. There were significant uplifts for forklift drivers and order pickers, who earned 6.4% and 5.9% more year-on-year. This is especially impressive in the face of a 2.9% drop in the average industry salary.

Focusing on the most sought-after job roles within the hospitality and catering; transport and logistics; manufacturing and production; and call centre, admin and secretarial sectors, Blue Arrow’s unique reports feature salary analysis, job demand levels and average salaries by every UK region.

Toni Richards, Marketing Director, commented: “They say you need to be thick-skinned to work in a professional kitchen and accordingly, the hospitality and catering sector has remained resilient in the face of decreasing salaries elsewhere. Although year-on-year salaries have fallen in three out of our four sectors for six months in a row, the drops experienced between September 2015 and September 2016 are notably smaller than those from August 2015 to August 2016, indicating that the market may be flattening as we prepare to enter the festive period.”

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