Salaries for warehouse workers rose by 3.3%

Salaries for warehouse workers rose by over 3.3%

As the UK moves into summer, this month’s sector report from Blue Arrow reveals the manufacturing and production sector has seen some fairly positive moves; production operative wages have had a 2.4% rise from £16,766 to £17,164 and warehouse operatives are up by 3.3% from £15,517 to £17,062.

However, despite these optimistic results, the industry average is down 1.9% – from £26,547 to £26,045. As salaries in the industry are fairly consistent regardless of location, this will undoubtedly have had an impact throughout the UK.

The hospitality and catering sector has also seen its average salary drop by 0.7%, despite sous chefs, waiters/bartenders, chefs de partie and commis chefs all experiencing increases. The only average salary to have decreased is that of head chefs, dipping by 0.2% from £31,449 to £31,398 per annum. As London and East Anglia are the only regions in the UK to both match and exceed the national average salary for this particular vocation, it appears as though head chefs are struggling somewhat outside of the capital.

The transport and logistics industry has coasted through this month unscathed. Job demand levels remain good across the board, the industry average salary is up by 0.9% and the only area in which salaries have dropped from May 2016 is that of Class 1 Drivers, by 2%, falling from £27,155 to £26,612. The biggest increase in salary was for fork lift drivers at 6.5%, going from £19,990 to £21,283 on average. This indicates that despite a stormy political forecast, the future looks bright for transport and logistics.

The same could be said for those in the call centre, admin and secretarial industry. Despite the year on year average salary decreasing, PAs, receptionists, customer service advisors and admin staff have seen an increase to their salary, ranging from a modest 0.3% for PAs to a more impressive 6.7% for admin staff. Call centre advisors saw a decrease of 1.3% from £16,984 to £16,764, although this has essentially evened out last month’s increase of 1.5%.

Focusing on the most sought-after job roles within the hospitality and catering; transport and logistics; manufacturing and production; and call centre, admin and secretarial sectors, Blue Arrow’s sector trend reports feature salary analysis, job demand levels and average salaries by every UK region.

Toni Richards, Marketing Director, said: “We might not have seen wages drop dramatically, but we’re also not seeing them shoot up particularly fast. The economy is holding on for now and we appear to be approaching the summer in a good position.”

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