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Pay Gaps Across Most Admin and Call Centre Jobs

A recent report published by Blue Arrow which analyses pay rates for administrative and call centre job roles reveals temporary employed staff are being paid consistently lower rates of pay compared with permanent staff across the UK for Administrators, Personal Assistants and Call Centre Advisors.

Telesales staff employed on a temporary basis in Northern Ireland are paid £2.47 per hour less than their permanently employed counterparts who are paid £10.78 per hour. At £8.31 per hour, temporary Telesales staff are paid only nine-pence per hour above National Living Wage and sixty-nine pence per hour below Living Wage Foundation’s true cost of living rate of £9.00 per hour.

This trend is echoed in the North East of England where again temporary Telesales staff are paid £8.28 per hour, £2.33 per hour less than their permanently employed counterparts.

Other large pay gaps include Personal Assistants (PA’s) working in the North West of England who earn an average of £10.73 per hour if employed as temporary staff; a staggering £1.99 less per hour than their permanent counterparts who are paid £12.72 per hour. Wales closely follows the North West with temporary PA’s paid £10.71 an hour; £1.52 less per hour than permanent employed PA’s.

In Northern Ireland, temporary employed Secretaries average £9.00 an hour whereas their permanently employed colleagues earn £1.17 per hour more at £10.18 per hour. While the pay for these temporary staff meets the Real Living Wage rate of £9.00 per hour, they are only seventy-nine pence an hour above the National Living Wage of £8.21.  

Encouragingly, Customer Service Assistants who work in the North East of England are paid parity with their permanently employed counterparts at £8.91 per hour.

The report raises questions surrounding the future prosperity of this labour market including the potential for brand advocates to become customer service communities and whether truly flexible work conditions might attract a more diverse workforce.

“Paying temporary staff less than permanent staff only makes attracting people more challenging than it needs to be,” says Toni Richards, Blue Arrow’s Marketing Director, “in a skills short market where automation threatens long-term prospects, the same sophistication of competing to attract and win new customers is needed to attract new talent to these job roles.”

For your complimentary copy of the 2019 Administrative and Call Centre Labour Market Report, click here. For other pay rate insights covering all UK regions, across a number of Transport & Logistics as well as Catering job roles, click here.  

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