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1.28bn Apprenticeship Levy yet to be claimed

A response to a freedom of information request submitted by the Open University, published during April 2018, has revealed that in the first 10 months of the Apprenticeship Levy Government scheme just 8 per cent of levy funds had been spent. Resulting in £1.28bn sitting unused in digital accounts.

News of this staggering amount of unused levy comes with an official report published during September 2018, advising that the number of new apprentices in the UK fell during the 2017/18 academic year.

With research suggesting employers are failing to engage with and utilise the Apprenticeship Levy, Blue Arrow recognises now is the time for businesses to consider the opportunity to review skills needed and match an apprenticeship programme to meet the skills required. Blue Arrow is offering expert professional development right on businesses doorstep with ‘Apprenticeships by Blue Arrow’, a comprehensive on-site training programme allowing businesses to up-skill valued employees through apprenticeships, covering key business areas such as; Business Administration, Customer Service and Management.

At no extra cost ‘Apprenticeships by Blue Arrow’ offers recognised industry qualifications to apprentices while strengthening the performance of the businesses that support the programmes, and it can all be paid for by using existing Apprenticeship Levy funds.

To find out how Blue Arrow can provide support with apprenticeships and for more information visit Apprenticeships by Blue Arrow.

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