Hunting for Job Hunters

Hunting for Job Hunters White Paper

Specialist staffing company Blue Arrow has announced the release of its latest whitepaper; Hunting for Job Hunters: A Guide to Using Recruitment Services.

With detailed overviews of the varying processes used by recruitment service providers, the aim of Job Hunting for Job Hunters is to offer employers a balanced look at the pros and cons of hiring differing job agencies while looking at the future of the industry in a turbulent and unpredictable economy.

The document is unblinkered in its approach to the inevitable changes that the industry must embrace in order to thrive, including apps, social media and automation, although it also recognises the continued necessity for the traditional recruitment consultant. Toni Richards, Marketing Director at Blue Arrow, stated: “Technology plays a huge part in our ability to handle the scale of demand for our services both from businesses and jobseekers, but above all, clients and candidates alike, are looking for expert support and guidance from specialists they can trust. Placing good quality candidates in to a business carries huge responsibility and requires an exceptional degree of personal judgement. The experienced judgement of a recruitment professional cannot be imitated by an algorithm.”

The paper focuses solely on a business perspective during the hiring process, a point of view not often singled out by the industry. The candidate experience is unquestionably integral to successful employment, but the relationships agencies form with clients is key to progression.

Toni Richards sees this as an opportunity to connect: “Labour shortages are being experienced across virtually all skillsets in most sectors throughout the UK. De-commoditisation of recruitment services and candidates is critical for ensuring the sustainable supply of good quality talent in to businesses. This paper helps explain the different types of recruitment service available to businesses so that they can make informed decisions on the types of service which offer the best for their staffing needs.”

Blue Arrow frequently produces whitepapers to share valuable insider knowledge with its clients. Other examples include Attrition And Motivation, and Don’t Forget The Candidate Experience.

With over 60 branches across the UK, Blue Arrow provides specialist staffing services to clients across the hospitality, manufacturing, public service, retail, support services and transport sectors.

Download the white paper here: Hunting for Job Hunters

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