Blue Arrow Press Release: Hospitality pay gap between permanent and temporary staff as much as £2.54 per hour, in kitchen surrounded by food

Hospitality pay gap between permanent and temporary staff as much as £2.54 per hour

The latest figures from Blue Arrow’s Catering Labour Market Report reveals the UK average salary for temporary staff is lower than permanent across all UK regions. This trend is found to exist across a wide range of job roles within the hospitality and catering industry.

The recently published report by Blue Arrow analyses all advertised rates of pay across a wide range of job roles in hospitality and catering, including Chef de Partie, Sous Chef, Head Chef as well as Waiter and Waitress roles. Findings show a frequent disparity in hourly pay rates with temporary staff receiving up to 19.36% less per hour than their permanent counterparts.

Looking at UK average salaries, Head Chefs identified as having the largest hourly rate of pay gap with a staggering £2.54 difference between Permanent and Temporary positions. Followed by Waiters and Waitresses with a smaller difference of £1, Sous Chefs with 89p and 30p for Chef De Parties.

Most notably, Chef de Parties experienced a £1.47 pay gap between permanent and temporary roles in Northern Ireland. On the plus side, the report also indicates Sous Chefs  situated in the North West buck the trend receiving up to 20p more per hour than their permanent counterparts.

On the wider UK jobs market, recent insights published by the BBC confirmed UK pay has risen by 3.1% in the three months to August, compared with a year ago, while inflation for the same period was 2.5%. Wages excluding bonuses have risen at their fastest pace in nearly 10 years.

Blue Arrow’s Labour Market Report also notes the trend of a strong jobs market revealing a growth in hiring demand. The report findings display an increase across all UK  regions and numerous job types; Waiter and Waitress, Barista, Kitchen Porter and Kitchen Assistant, Chef de Partie, Sous Chef and Head Chef. As well as office roles; Customer Service Advisor and Receptionist.

Largest increases for hiring demand are most commonly within London and South East England. The South East gaining the highest rise for permanent Sous Chefs with a 19.3% increase, 1.5% higher than London. Yorkshire & The Humber experienced a staggering 104% uplift for temporary Sous Chefs.

Once again, Yorkshire & The Humber acquiring the highest upturn for permanent Waiting Staff with a sharp 78.1% increase and London possessing the highest uplift for temporary Waiters and Waitresses with a 28.2% rise.

To view more insights, hiring demand and rates of pay for all UK regions, across a number of catering and office job types, download the Catering Labour Market Report.

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