Employee Engagement White Paper

Employee Engagement White Paper

“Employee Engagement: Why it Matters and How to Fix it” aims to define, demonstrate and measure employee engagement, assessing the bottom-line impact of an engaged workforce, discussing engagement’s relationship with performance and looking at ways in which employers can increase engagement among their workforce.

Toni Richards, Marketing Director for the catering, driving, industrial and office recruitment company, said: “According to our figures, 20% of UK employees are engaged and 20% are disengaged, which leaves a massive 60% who probably couldn’t care less. For employers, that’s just as concerning as disengagement. Engagement is about being happy in your workplace and the job you’re doing. Having employees who are enthusiastic about their work and their employer – and are willing to project a positive image of the company to their friends, family and fellow professionals – is a hugely important part of running a successful business.”

The paper is based on a seminar produced and presented by Russell Beck, Head of Consulting at Impellam, the group of recruitment companies of which Blue Arrow is a part. Using the latest research, Beck delivers thought-provoking talks on the major issues affecting the recruitment sector, aiming to provide genuine insight and expertise to businesses across the UK. Other seminar topics include the future of work, attrition and motivation and candidate experience.

“Employee engagement is more than just a meaningless HR buzzword,” added Richards. “With this whitepaper, we want to define employee engagement in relevant, practical terms; to demonstrate to employers that it is something real and tangible that they can actually measure. It’s our hope that this whitepaper will give employers the framework to devise their own action plan for measuring and improving engagement and to justify its value to the rest of the business. Once you have the business engaged, you’ll have the path in place for your employees to follow.”With over 60 branches across the UK, Blue Arrow provides bespoke specialist staffing services to clients across the hospitality, manufacturing, public service, retail, support services and transport sectors.

Download the white paper here: Employee Engagement White Paper

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